Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Weekend Recap

On Friday evening we celebrated E's birthday.  He opened his gifts as soon as he got home from school and then we played with them for a bit before starting supper.  This is a Playmobil space shuttle.  One of the astronauts is female so E refers to her as me which is cool.  I am always looking for the promotion of gender equality!

The tile work on our new fireplace was also completed on Friday and it looks great!! So nice to be able to switch this on as the weather starts getting cooler.  

We had E's second favourite meal for supper, tacos (his first favourite of mac and cheese being on the menu for his party the next day), and then we enjoyed some cupcakes from Bake Sale.

On Saturday we worked on getting ready for E's birthday party.  I posted about that here yesterday.  

On Sunday morning, Q and I got up before everyone else and made breakfast.  

I made this breakfast casserole. We didn't have any applesauce so I substituted with chopped apples and it worked out really well.

E had "homework" this weekend to find some pretty leaves to bring to school so we set out for a family walk to find some.  E also has family show and tell on Friday so we needed to get some photos of the four of us to bring in.  The following photos are a mixture of cell phone and real camera photos. 

E taking some photos of us

We finished off our evening with an easy supper, SNL, Westworld and hiding under a blanket for The Walking Dead premiere. 

Bring on Halloween preparations!


  1. Nice family pictures. E is really photogenic ! Q isn't shy for the camera either.

  2. Fun weekend. Those cupcakes look amazing and I love tacos and mac and cheese too- I apparently have the palate of a five year old!

  3. I remember a little girl who loved Mac & Cheese also (Kraft). And the only person I ever knew that measured precise amount of milk and butter (as the box said) and had to cook the pasta in a huge pot because it tasted better that way ��