Monday, February 13, 2017

Jamaica - Yah Mon!

Grab a coffee and settle in for this post about our vacation.  You can read about my thoughts on our accommodations here.  We stayed at the Royalton Blue Waters.

Up bright and early to head to the airport.  Our flight was at 10:00 but we tried to get there at 7:00 which was good because there was a long line to check into the flight.  Q fell asleep and we kept E entertained with a game of "I Spy" and a granola bar.

We're on our way!

The flight was about 4 hours long, E watched shows on the iPad (thank you downloadable Netflix!) and we watched the movie, Florence Foster Jenkins.  Q ate and slept.  We got onto our bus to take us to the resort.  Photos all around while we sat in the lobby while checking in.

(Blurry but the only one of E and I)

We were greeted with a cocktail and juice for E.

After getting settled in our room we went to the steak restaurant for dinner.

Enjoying some ahi tuna carpaccio.

Our first morning, checking out our own pool.

Walking to breakfast while Dave went for a run in the gym

Q loved his sunglasses and preferred to wear them when he was awake.  

Playing with the tubes, although E didn't like the lazy river because he didn't like the various water features splashing him.

Not a flattering pose, but I was on the tube!

One of the Blue Waters buildings

Our room is on the bottom floor of this building, the one in the middle with the shirts hanging on the chairs.

The lazy river pool area, with the other pool beside, and then the beach.

After hanging out at the pool we walked around to see the beach at White Sands and find the Jerk Hut for lunch. 

A view of our resort from the wedding gazebo

The White Sands side

Then back to the pool, Dave and E in the middle by the "bubble pool"

Ready for a dip

An order of fries and some poolside Bingo

After supper, we played a round of Go Pup (Paw Patrol version of Go Fish) at the martini bar 

The next morning, it was back to the pool

E joined in on the soccer game.  The older kids were great with him, and everyday he asked when the soccer game would start.  They played on a few other days, and he loved that.  He also played with these kids in the pool.

Resting before supper.  This was one of my favourite times of day, all gathered on the bed, eating some candy, and watching random movies.

The night view from our room.  See the back of the stage on the right.

A quick trip to the ice cream "store" after supper.  Someone looks tired!

On our third morning, we set up on the beach.  I bought a long sleeved rash shirt at the gift shop.  I had a bit of a sunburn from the first two days and I didn't want to have to think about sunscreen, it was a good idea. 

Q taking a nap on the beach.

More napping

A quick stop at the water cannons beside the lazy river.

A little photo shoot on our way to supper.

The building behind me is the buffet.

We ate at the tappanyaki restaurant, where you did need to make a reservation.  It was a fun experience and E loved all the chopping. 

Back to the beach the next day.

A little dip in the ocean for Q, he was pretty straight-faced the whole time

Then to the pool

Back to our room before supper, hanging out on our patio.

Dave in our pool

At the Italian restaurants, there were three cats walking around.  

A happy guy at dinner

I couldn't sleep in after I fed Q in the morning so we went outside to enjoy the early light.

On this day, we got a bed beside the pool, which was nice because Q could easily nap there rather than in his stroller.

Someone was playing beer pong and then the kids wanted to play with the cups and ping pong balls. E is in the orange hat.

It's hard to make out, but E is at the swim up bar by himself getting a drink. 

Lunch at the buffet

We had supper at the Asian Fusion restaurant, E was our photographer

Walking home after supper.  I think this was the night we watched the magic show.

"Take my picture Mom", with a kiwi mouth

Enjoying some morning drinks by the pool

Our last evening.  We wanted to eat the Tex-Mex restaurant again but it was closed so we went back to the steakhouse.  I snapped this of the early evening light. 

At the entry of the steakhouse

It was late, so I took Q home to feed him, and Dave and E went to get an ice cream cone.  Dave did the perfect swirl cone.

On our last morning we didn't have to check out until noon, so we did breakfast and some time at the pool before leaving.  This is Travel Bear posing for a photo before we left our room. 

Family selfie on the bus on the way back to the airport.

A successful trip for everyone, we can't wait to travel again!


  1. How enjoyable seeing your dear family on your Jamaican vacation! Sunny faces! Lots of great photos. Thanks!

  2. What wonderful pictures,.. so nice to getaway at this time of year. Makes the rest of the winter seem that much shorter.