Thursday, August 9, 2018

Nova Scotia Recap Part 1 - Halifax

After getting back from our camping trip, we did a quick turnaround at home and got ready to fly to Halifax, Nova Scotia.  A quick bite to eat last Monday morning and then off to the airport.  Q got to use his backpack for the flight and loved carrying it with him. 

On the flight and ready to go!  Q was tired but he didn't settle down right away.  He wasn't interested in watching any shows, so I walked him up and down the aisle a few times and then he eventually fell asleep (and so did I). 

We landed in Halifax, picked up our rental car, and then grabbed some lunch at McDonalds in Dartmouth Crossing before heading to my aunt's house where we were staying.  My parents came up from Shelburne to visit with us while we were in Halifax.  My two cousins and their spouses came over for dinner.
Emma and Lucy

Margie, John and Mom

Sean and Lucy


Engrossed in the washer toss game

We had a beautiful meal of salmon, argula salad, and potatoes. As my Nana would say, "it was so nice to be together!"

The next morning we headed to the Halifax Public Library.  We usually visit this great spot since there are lots of activities for kids.  And a beautiful spot for adults.

Q played all over the place.

E played Angry Birds on an iPad!! Oh well, at least he was at the library.

After that we walked down to Historic Properties for some photos and lunch at Saltys.

Just bring the food says Q!

We started with calamari and mussels.  Dave ordered the fish and chips and I had the crab cakes (this is our standard order).

We walked back through the waterfront back to our car.

Mandatory climb of the wave.

Q didn't make it too far but he tried.

We both carried the kids up the hill to our car (and then had to get some iced coffees from Starbucks) before going back to my aunt's house for Q's nap.  While he slept, E, Mom and I went to the playground.  The weather was so beautiful while we were there. 

We then drove over to Sean and Lucy's house for dinner.  They have a good size property and the boys enjoyed running through the "woods".

Time to head out on Wednesday morning.  A quick visit but so nice to see everyone and get a little taste of Halifax.

We hopped in our car and headed to Cape Breton.  

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