Tuesday, December 18, 2018

5th Annual MacDonald Family Drop In

On Saturday we welcomed our neighbours, friends, and family to our house for our annual drop-in Christmas party.  It has become a great tradition and we love that people make it a part of their holiday plans.  This year I think we had about 85-90 people, and lots of babies and kids this year.  

The island is spread with the savoury food - meatballs, meat and cheese, vegetables, dips, and crackers/chips/pitas. 

The table is laden with sweets, nuts, and fruit.

Our drink list. 

Our gingerbread house took centre stage on the sweets table.  E was a little upset at first that people were breaking pieces off to eat, but I told him it was okay because it meant it was being enjoyed. 

Q was napping when the party got underway so he missed the traditional family photo. And E forgot to smile.

Our helpers (Dave's parents)

Once he was up, Q enjoyed a few peanut butter balls.

When everyone left we tidied up and hit the sack!

The next day at lunch we did our traditional Swiss Chalet order.

Thanks again to everyone that came!  See you next year. 


  1. Everything looks festive and inviting! What a great spread! I'm with E...I'd be surprised by people eating such a sweet creation (centrepiece). I like your explanation. 💕

  2. Wowza.... 80-90 people?! Are you a super hero?! Looks marvellous... i’ll try to make it next year, lol!

    1. Yes of course I'm a superhero ;) We would love to see you next year! How fun!