Leaving Comments

If you'd like to leave a comment (and please do, I love comments!!), you need to follow these steps:

- If you're reading on a laptop or desktop, click the title of the post you want to comment on, this will take you to the actual post page, not just the main page.  (For those of you reading on a mobile or tablet, you're already on the post page).

- Scroll to the bottom.  If there are no comments, click on the words "no comments".  If there is a comment, then the comment box should already appear.

- First, select the identity you want to post under.  If you have a Google ID, then you can use that, or you can just pick "anonymous".  When you're on your mobile or tablet, this might not be as clear, but the option is there so just look around.

- If you've selected Google ID, you will be asked to sign in.  Do this first.

- Then you'll be returned to the comment section, and you can enter your comment. Then you'll get a message that says your message is waiting to be moderated, or something like that.

- Just wait and I will publish your comment as soon as I can.

Thanks for reading!

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  1. Well done. I love the way you look at #6. Mom and Dad sleep together but you go sleep in your own bed. Never looked at it that way at all and it makes complete sense. Why not crawl in.