Friday, November 30, 2018

Friday Favourites

We picked up a new addition to our outdoor holiday decorations this week - this snowman is now posted outside our windows.  We set him up in the living room and I snapped this before he went outside. 

E wrote his Santa letter this week and sent it off. 

I snuggled up on the couch this week with the boys to watch the Wiggles Christmas. 

I had lunch with my friend from high school this week.  I forgot to snap a photo of us, but this one is from a few years ago, I'm pretty sure we still look like this. 

We are off to get our Christmas tree this morning before we take the boys to school.  It was the only time we could go before it got too late to get it up. Check out this photo of little E when he was 1 and we went to pick up our tree from the Scouts in the Ikea parking lot.

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Thursday, November 29, 2018

That's what Christmas is all about

As the season of Advent officially gets underway this weekend, I want to remember what Christmas is all about and how to enjoy myself.

The kids have an advent calendar, lovingly made by Dave's sister, and it will be filled with candy (reminder, go to Bulk Barn and buy some candy), but we will also read the nativity story each day.  I bought this book and each little book is tucked away in the advent calendar pockets, ready to go. The season of Advent is actually about the anticipation of the birth of Jesus, so even though we are getting gifts and food ready, we will still take time each day to read the story.

I always have a lot to do when I get home from work, but I also want to make sure I spend some time sitting down with the kids to watch a Christmas show or read a book.  It may not be for a long time but it can still be quality time.

I don't just want to go through the motions of setting out Christmas decorations, putting ornaments on the tree, or addressing cards.  I want to pause and be grateful for all of our various blessings.  We should be doing these things because we want to, rather than because we feel obligated to do them.  

None of this is groundbreaking, but a reminder to focus on this holiday season. 

Wednesday, November 28, 2018

What's Up Wednesday

What we're eating this week...
Sunday - pizza
Monday - Chicken and sweet potatoes
Tuesday - Salmon baked with pearl couscous, squash, tomatoes, and spinach
Wednesday - Spaghetti Squash and turkey meatballs
Thursday - I will be out, mac and cheese for everyone else
Friday and Saturday - we will be in Sarnia

What I'm reminiscing about...
I've kept a few crafts that E and Q have made over the years (well really Q just made something last year), and it is nice to get them out and think about their little hands making these things.  I don't keep everything they make, but these few select things are a good addition to our decor.

What I'm loving...
My Pinterest feed.  It's a mixture of Disney hacks, vegan food, Lisbon travel tips, and Christmas cookies.  I'm not even joking - this is my current view when I open Pinterest. 

What we've been up to...
Working out, eating fairly well, decorating the house, buying gifts, raking leaves, reading Christmas books, work, school, and trying to visit with friends when we can.

What I'm dreading...
Salt stains on my boots and shoes.  This city uses so much salt on the roads and sidewalks and I was thinking the other day how you have to be so vigilant to clean it off your boots right away, and also watch your jacket when leaning against the car. 

What I'm working on...
Buying Christmas gifts and ordering everything so it will arrive on time.  I have one parcel that I've mailed and one more to go.  Keeping my fingers crossed for our Christmas cards to show up.  

What I'm excited about...
Getting our Christmas tree up.  We have all of our other decorations up so this is the last step.  Since we get a real tree it will smell so nice and I love looking through the various ornaments that we have collected over the years. 

What I'm watching/reading...
We just finished The Bodyguard on Netflix, and (spoiler alert) no one belted out the Whitney Houston song, it is a very good show!  Crime drama type show set in London. Add it to your list.

I'm reading The Girl with Seven Names.  It is about a woman from North Korea and how she grew up and then left her home.  I've put a hold on Winter Solstice (the next in the Elin Hilderbrand Christmas book series) at the library. 

What I'm listening to...
I saved a bunch of Christmas albums on my Spotify - some good ones are Carols from ClareMichael BubleBarenaked Ladies, and Radio City Music Hall.  This last one really makes me want to make it to New York in December some year! 

What I'm wearing...
My night guard every night.  I've had one for a long time but I never really wore it.  But when I went to the dentist in August for a filling, she said my back tooth was cracking because I grind my teeth at night.  So I started diligently wearing it after that. Now I'm getting a crown (because I'm old now).  I have a temporary crown now and I get the permanent one on Friday.  #downhillfromhere

What I'm doing this weekend...
We are going to visit Dave's parents in Sarnia.

What I'm looking forward to next month...
All of the Christmas things - parties, concerts, Santa, visitors, church services, etc. 

What else is new...
Q likes all of us to be sitting down in our seats for a meal ("Sit!") and then demands we "Eat!".  It's cute, but it's also like "relax buddy!"

Happy end of November!

Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Weekend Recap

Another busy weekend in the books.  On Friday night I picked up both boys and we went to movie night in the gym at E's school. They were showing Incredibles 2, which we have seen before, and serving pizza and popcorn.  They brought their shark sleeping bags and settled in.  I sat along the side in my camping chair.  Q did so well, he sat and watched the entire movie and it was well past his bedtime. 

My friend and I had brought the same salad to eat for our own dinners.  Great minds think alike!

Meanwhile Dave was at the Raptors game.

I was up bright and early for barre on Saturday morning.  It was such a good workout with lots of '90s tunes to keep us singing along.

After I got home, I took the boys up to the Bloor West Village Christmas festival.  We got some hot chocolate and participated in the ornament making and cookie decorating.  Then it started raining so we scurried home (doing a little Christmas shopping on the way).

Dave was cleaning up the leaves when we got home before they got too wet.

Then he worked on the shelves he is making for the living room.

Q had a nap, E watched some of Indiana Jones, and I went to the grocery store.   When Q got up, we headed downtown.

It was our plan to see the windows at the Bay, walk through the mall, eat supper at Jack Astor's and then go back to City Hall for their cavalcade of lights - the lighting of their tree and live music.  However we never made it back there, just had dinner and went home.  We were not mad about it.

The soldiers from FAO Schwartz (I think).

We went inside to check out the FAO Schwartz pop up shop.

And then walked into the Eaton Centre.  I love their decorations. 

Dinner at Jack Astors.  We went here last year and it was a success again this year.  Plus we had a reservation this time so no wait.

Making friends with the table next door.

On Sunday, we all went to church.  E did the liturgy, and then sang with the junior choir, and I was the lay reader. 

Dave and I headed out to Canadian Tire and Home Depot for some outdoor Christmas lights, and I did some wrapping.   We don't have any eggnog yet but an Irish coffee is a good substitute. 

To cap off our weekend we met a bunch of our neighbours at the Marlies game.  One of our new neighbours was giving out ticket vouchers for Halloween so we decided to pick a day when a few of us could go together.  Although I don't think I watched a lot of the game, it was really fun and the kids enjoyed themselves!! 

Some fun in Marlies Alley before heading to our seats.

We ordered a pizza on the way home and ate that quickly before tucking the boys in bed.