Wednesday, September 15, 2021

Media Wednesday - Currently

A few media related things I've been into lately:

Streaming TV
Ted Lasso, White Lotus, Dr. Death, Homeland, Turning Point 9/11 and the War on Terror, Athlete A

Regular TV
Great British Baking Show, Dancing with the Stars (when it starts next week), Blue Jays baseball

Norm MacDonald (RIP) on Celebrity Jeopardy, Clips from This Morning (ITV in England) featuring Gino the chef, Moneyball Trade Scene, Storybots, Royal York Road United Church Sunday services

Library Books on Hold
That Kind of Mother by Rumaan Alam, The Dinner List by Rebecca Serle (last two on my 2021 reading list!)

The Bestie Breakdown (Tim Management), The Bridge (Election Coverage), Armchair Expert (Dark Tourism)

News Stories
Canada's federal election, 4th wave of Covid, Met Gala outfits

Spotify Playlists
2011-2014 Hits, Drake's Certified Lover Boy, Pop Goes Classical, Doja Cat Radio

Instagram Accounts

Tuesday, September 14, 2021

Weekend Recap

This cool kid was ready for the second day of school on Friday morning.  With Dave away and an 8:00 am meeting for me, we were out the door shortly after 7:30 to get to the YMCA. E walked to school with the neighbours and left around 8:15.  

Around 11:00 I biked over the advance polling station to cast my vote.  I am usually first in line to vote but I was there mid-day so I had to wait a little while.  No problem though and glad to get it done.

I made a lasagna for supper and realized we had lots to share so I invited some neighbour friends over to join us.  Dave was away and it turned out the dad/husband from their family was also away so it was just the moms and kids. 

We were tired after the first few days at school so I put the kids to bed at a decent time and I read for awhile before going to bed at a good time too.

The next morning was the 20th anniversary of 9/11.  I had coffee out of my New York mug and thought a lot about that day in 2001. I also made some oatmeal and sent some emails before it was time to get to E's baseball game.

E played catcher for two innings.  Q played with his toys.

I left baseball early to take Q to his first gymnastics class.  E went home with one of his teammates after the, so then I picked him up after dropping Q off.  We scurried home, got changed, and then ran to the subway to we could get back to Q for pick up time.  Then we took the (replacement) bus (instead of the normal streetcar) down Roncesvalles to find something for lunch.  Q insisted on a burger so we went to the Gold Standard take out window.

Waiting for our order.


Then we walked down the street and found a flea market at a church so we picked up a few books. Then we found the ice cream store.

Waiting for the bus back up to the subway station.  Q is holding a bag of ice, he fell on his face outside of a restaurant and the server kindly brought him some ice for his face.  He was fine but we appreciated the gesture.

When we got home, the kids watched some TV and I put on the recorded F1 qualifying race but then fell promptly asleep!  I had just woken up when our neighbours came by to see if we wanted to go to the park, so we did.  

Q wanted to go fishing and I wanted to go for a walk to the river, so I got the kids' fishing rods out and we went down to put them in the water. 

I started watching the 9/11 documentary on Netflix after the kids went to bed.  To this day I still grasp at my chest with my hands and look with disbelief when I watch the planes hit the buildings and then the buildings collapse.  I feel the same way I felt that day.

On Sunday morning we were up fairly early.  I did a 45 minute Peloton ride and then watched the F1 race on my iPhone with my airpods while the kids watched TV.  What a crazy race!  It was over by 10:30 so then I put the church service on the TV and we all watched together (amongst the couch cushion mess).

After church we went to Costco so I could get some mums for the front porch.  Then I suggested we drive downtown to get lunch at the Amsterdam Brewhouse. I love going out for lunch and I know our patio days are numbered so I take whatever opportunity I can get. 

We went for a bike ride by the river before our simple supper of soup and melted cheese on toast.  E and I watched Come From Away on Apple TV.  I have seen it twice in theatre, once in New York and once in Toronto. The TV production is so good and I was reminded how great of a musical it is.  If you get a chance, watch it!

Monday, September 13, 2021

Not Just A Mom - Morning Routine


Thanks for checking in with us today as we talk about our Morning Routines on this month's edition of "Not Just a Mom" link up.  If you have a blog, be sure to add your post below.  And everyone, please click on the links below to see how others get their day started. 

There are two different versions of my morning routine - one where I go to the office and one where I work from home.  

Office Mornings
Alarm set for 6:00.  Up to shower, put in my contacts, brush my teeth, flat iron my hair (and dry it if I've had to wash it in the shower), and put on my makeup.  I am usually trying to be quiet as I'd prefer not to wake the kids before 7:00.  

Then I head downstairs to put away any clean dishes (from the counter or dishwasher), make coffee, make the kids' lunches, make my lunch, and then make breakfasts.  Also included in this is putting clean masks in the kids' backpacks and filling out health checks. Somewhere during this time, the kids are getting up and coming downstairs.  If they aren't dressed yet, I send them back upstairs to get dressed before they eat breakfast (usually cereal, yoghurt and fruit).  Before anyone else gets up, I've gotten into the habit of listening to a podcast.  When the kids come down, we like to put on music.  We have a no screens before school rule. 

I need to be out the door around 7:15.  I bring a coffee in a travel mug to drink at my office, and sometimes eat my breakfast on my way to the subway.  My day starts at 8:00.  

Dave is up at this time too and he gets the kids finished up with their breakfasts and gets them off to school. 

Work From Home Mornings
If I have a workout, then I'll be up before 6:00 but on non-workout mornings my alarm is set for 6:45.  I may shower or may not, depending on what my workout plans for the day are.  Then I go downstairs to do most of what I set out above, although I don't need to make a lunch for myself, and I can wait to eat breakfast until after I've taken the kids to school. 

We can drop Q at the YMCA program anytime after 7:30 but school doesn't actually start until 8:55 so anytime between then is fine for drop off.  E walks to school.

Then I just sit down at my desk in the living room, with my cup of coffee and get to work for the day.

My usual breakfasts:
Almond butter on toast and a half grapefruit or melon
Scrambled eggs with sriracha and a half grapefruit or melon
Hot oatmeal or hot oat bran 
Egg sandwich
Smoothie bowl (if Dave's making them)

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Friday, September 10, 2021

Friday Favourites

Today's Friday Favourites post is all about the first day of school.  We were up bright and early to walk to school with the neighbourhood kids and it was a beautiful day.  Dave was also up early but he was flying to PEI for a weekend golf trip so that explains his absence in the photos!

I packed the kids' lunches, with a tucked in cake pop as a treat. 

Then it was time for photos.  Some proper ones for Instagram, but also some fun ones.

Cuddly Pal also posed for some photos.

The boys set up some stuffies for their own first day of school.

I asked the boys to take pictures of me with each of them since I hadn't bothered to take get the tripod out. All of E's photos were blurry but Q did a good job as photog.

Some of our group while we waited for others.

Dropped off with his buddies.

Our traditional first day of school meal, Crunchy Beefy Mac and Cheese.

It was a successful day and I look forward to a healthy year for all.