Monday, December 20, 2021

Winter Cozy

I saw this post on Instagram earlier this month and it has stuck with me:

And yet December is often our most busy month.  As Ontario (and other parts of Canada) are discouraging plans with other people, I guess it's time to start getting cozy at home at least for the next few weeks. It may be a long winter so give yourself a break if you're feeling overwhelmed.  

I'm a fan of hygge (Danish concept of being cozy) books and lists but I find some of the things are hard to incorporate, I never remember to light a candle or buy flowers, for example, but I like to have "cozy" thing that we can do as a family.  Some of those recent things we have done are:

Playing Legos 

Teaching E to play some Christmas songs on the piano

Walking around the block after supper to see the Christmas lights (glass of wine for the parents optional)

Doing a puzzle

Enjoying an egg nog (with or without rum)

I also try to remember that even if we do these things for 10 or 15 minutes, it all adds up and it doesn't need to be a full evening of doing the same activity.  That works better for a family that includes small children :)

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  1. Such a good point about the duration - even a few minutes of a cozy activity can be all it takes.
    We finally got out to look at lights the other night and it was absolutely lovely! I couldn't believe how nice it felt. Being in our own little bubble inside the car, it felt very "normal" in the midst of another holiday with COVID being an unwelcome guest.