Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Let's Look - Favourite Traditions


Today is the last instalment of this year's Let's Look Link Up. Over the last year we looked at our:

Today we are looking at our Favourite Traditions.  This is good timing because we are hosting our Annual Drop In Party this weekend and it's our favourite tradition. We love hosting people for the holidays and we have been busy getting ready this week. I've written about my other favourite Christmas traditions here - our puzzle, Christmas Eve Games, and music.   I've also written about our food traditions like lobster, oysters, and fondue. Some other Christmas traditions I haven't mentioned before are going to Sherway Gardens to see Santa (and get McDonalds for supper) and picking out our tree at Sheridan Nurseries. 

As for other traditions from throughout the year:

We make waffles for the kids' birthday breakfasts.
We walk to school together on the first day of school.
We go camping for Canada Day weekend.
When we go north (Arrowhead or Algonquin) for camping we stop at Weber's for burgers, even if it's 10:30 in the morning.
We drink Guinness on St. Patrick's Day.
We do an Easter Egg hunt in Easter morning. 
We ski for Family Day weekend.
I sometimes feel like if we miss a year for a tradition that it loses it's qualification as a 'tradition' but I don't worry about it too much now.  Anything that we make a habit of doing, even if we aren't adhering to it perfectly, is still something we find special and is accompanied by happy memories.

Linking up with Shay and Erika.  I hope they to this again next year!


  1. I'm so happy you get to host your party again this weekend! The best traditions are the ones we get to do over and over again.

  2. Oh I love a drop in party so much.

    Happy holidays.