Thursday, October 14, 2021

Fall Decorations

 The weather isn't really feeling like fall here yet but I have a few decorations out so I wanted to share them with you today.


Just a few ghosts hanging in our trees.  I don't like to buy pumpkins early, although I love seeing them on other people's steps.  I just wonder how they don't rot before Halloween and/or get eaten by squirrels and raccoons. 

This is downstairs in the TV room.  I love the white and silver together.

Some of E's artwork from over the years.  Q has yet to contribute but only because his teacher was a bit of a dud last year so they didn't do much seasonal artwork (or any artwork really).  

This pumpkin is near the TV on the main floor.

A homemade turkey keeps the crow company.  This bowl will house the extra Halloween candy.

The mantle is mostly taken up with Q's birthday cards and soon E's birthday cards so I didn't snap a photo of that. 

And I'm a day late to this link up party, but it goes with the theme of fall decorations.

We are looking at holiday decor storage.  As you can tell from my pictures above, we don't have a ton of decorations.  I admire the people with the lawn-full of inflatables but I don't want to think about storing them so we don't buy them.  

Our storage room is in the basement.  It is built behind the cement support wall (that is holding up our huge kitchen island).  When we finished the basement, we closed off the wall here so it is accessible by a door now.  Dave built the shelves a few years ago.  The far end is messier than normal since the shop vac and extra bike are back there.  But you can see the shelves with the various bins.

The top shelves are mostly Christmas.  The red bin has Easter and other holidays.  The fall decorations take up two other small boxes, and that's it.  The other things are random memory boxes, children's clothes, my seasonal clothes, some art and our university degrees that we will probably never hang, and some dishes.

A few large Christmas things, small trees for the kids rooms, and our outdoor snowman in the garbage bag (that's the biggest thing I will but).   We always buy a real Christmas tree so no need to make room for that. 

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  1. Yes, where is our fall weather?!?!? And your bowl for "extra Hallowe'en candy" made me laugh because it feels really small! Our bowls for Hallowe'en candy are HUGE!

    I didn't link up with this because my solution to holiday decoration storage is two Rubbermaid bins and one garbage bag. We don't have a ton of holiday decorations. And yes, we will always have a real tree.

    1. Haha, well the kids get to keep theirs in their own bags, this bowl (and another on the mantle) are to hold the extra candy that we bought to give out (so by the time it's the end of the night, there isn't usually that much left).