Thursday, October 21, 2021

Happy 10th Birthday E!!

E is 10 years old today! How am I old enough to have a 10 year old?! Hah, I'm 40, math checks out, no surprise really.  E is such a nice boy and I know he is my son so I'm biased, but he really is.  He is happy, easy going, polite, and kind to his friends and brother. He does drag his feet to do some things, but he actually has fun wherever he goes and is rarely in a bad mood.  I know we could do a better job at putting him into more activities, but he is also just happy to play Legos and watch Netflix at home.  He also has several video games that he plays, but none of them obsessively.  

E likes to be silly and make people laugh.  We do get frustrated with him because he takes forever to tell a story and also needs to be told to do something several times, but he really is a good kid and I remind myself of that often.  He is creative and thoughtful about many things. I am proud of how he has been walking to and from school each day without complaint and I like that he is getting some more independence to find friends to walk home with or hang out after school. I trust him to make good choices.  

And the annual birthday quiz.  E asked me why I do this every year and I told him I find it interesting to look back each year to track their favourite things. So here we go (and many of his answers haven't changed, he is consistent):

Favourite Colour

Favourite Stuffed Animal
Cuddly Pal

Favourite Thing to Sleep With
Cuddly Pal

Favourite Fruit

Favourite Thing to Eat for Breakfast

Favourite Lunch

Favourite Supper

Favourite Dessert
Any type of dessert

Favourite Drink
(Starts singing) I like pina, Perrier.

Favourite Animal
Arctic Fox

Favourite Book
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Favourite Song
Brass.  Who sings that?  *shrugs*

Favourite Game
Nothing, I can't think of any

Favourite Video Game
NBA 2K Basketball Playgrounds

Favourite Sport
Soccer. You don't even play that.  Kickball. You mean soccer base? (shout out to my Shelburne peeps!) No! It's called kickball.

Favourite TV Show
Ninjago Master of Spinjitsu

Favourite Movie
Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone

Favourite Thing To Do Outside
Play kickball.

Best Friend
Cuddly Pal, Wes, Leo, Xavier, Liam and everyone who is coming to my birthday party.  I have bad news for you.  What?  Cuddly Pal isn't coming to your party. Nooooooo!!!

What do you want to be when you grow up?
A successful businessman

Anything else to share?
Thing that I want...scooter. No scooters.

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  1. What a dear sweet boy! Love all his happy faces! E is a wonderful young human! Happy 10th to E!