Friday, October 22, 2021

Friday Favourites

What a fun week!  We celebrated E's birthday yesterday and got up to other fun too!

Dave got to go to a Toronto Maple Leafs game on Monday night.  Our neighbour had some extra tickets so he gave them to Dave (who then in turn invited another neighbour).  

I mentioned last week that we didn't have a lot of Q's fall artwork to add to our decorations.  This week he brought home a few items so now they are up!

There is a new coffee shop by our house so Dave and I walked up there this week to check it out. It's Little Havana Cafe. It has adorable things to buy and good coffee too!

I was doing a weights workout the other night and E came down and then made this little Lego figurine of me.  He chose the face that was grimacing to match my face while I was working out.  Haha!

Swimming lessons started again this week too.  Both kids were so excited to go and they have both improved despite not being in lessons for almost two years.  They did a lot of swimming this summer and that helped so much. 

Speaking of the summer, E's camp, Muskoka Woods, sent him a postcard last week.  What a nice gesture, and E was excited.  And well played Muskoka Woods since I promptly went to their website to see if we could sign up for next summer yet (not available yet but we are definitely interested).

Have a happy weekend!

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