Tuesday, October 5, 2021

Q's Birthday Recap

Instead of a weekend recap today, I've got photos from Q's birthday last week and over the weekend.  

His birthday was on Wednesday so he opened his gifts in the morning before school. 

He also got a Garmin Jr. watch which he was pretty excited about.

And then we had birthday waffles.

Big 5 year old ready for school.

After school we hopped on the subway to catch the Blue Jays/Yankees game.  This was a pretty important, must win game, and we were excited we had tickets. 

Since we were at the Blue Jays game for his actual birthday, we had cake and birthday tacos the next day. Q loves a chocolate cake.

We had some people over for a party on Saturday night to celebrate Q.  We kept it pretty simple and invited mostly neighbours and a couple of of Q's friends from school.  We had cupcakes and Halloween candy and chips.  We had a bonfire and a movie on the projector for the kids.  It was a pleasant evening to be outside. 

Yesterday since Facebook was down most of the day, you may have missed my book review, so you can check that out here.

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  1. What great fun! Q looks like he enjoyed all the celebrations and food! And you had nice weather for the game and your party. Wonderful!