Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Happy 5th Birthday Q!

Q is 5 years old today!! What fun!  He asked to go to a Blue Jays game so we are heading there tonight for a pretty important game (we booked these tickets weeks ago before we knew how important this game would be).  Q is excited to see the game and eat popcorn. 

Q is really growing up and is a fun guy.  He loves to play toys, go outside, ride his bike, and keep up with his older brother. There have been many times where we are surprised that he has done certain things on par with his 9 year old brother,  like going on a 5K bike ride, or playing complicated video games. He is often smiling and telling us things about his day.  He is developing a sense of humour and will say some pretty cute things.  

I have been very proud of how he handled online school last year.  It was difficult for many students but especially for kids his age (Junior Kindergarten, ages 4-5).  For the most part he sat at the iPad for the morning, participated in many of the activities, and made progress with his letters and numbers, as well as general language skills.  He is happy and comfortable to be back in the real classroom this year with his buddies.

He loves to help out and set the table, help with food preparation, and tidy his room. There is a bit of a competitive nature in him where if we are getting after E for something, Q will pipe in to remind us that he is doing whatever is being asked of him, and will also scramble to tidy something up before E does. 

There are times when he gets frustrated with not being able to do something or being unable to explain what the problem is, but he is definitely growing up and often says "okay fine" to give in when we need him to.

Scroll to the bottom for the annual birthday quiz.

(my comments in italics)

Favourite Colour

Favourite Stuffed Animal

Favourite Thing to Sleep With

Favourite Fruit

Favourite Thing to Eat for Breakfast

Favourite Thing to Eat for Lunch
Big Pita

Favourite Thing to Eat with Supper
Favourite Dessert
..hmm, remember those things you taught me to make in the cones? Campfire cones?  Yes!
(these are what we do camping - waffle cones stuffed with chocolate, marshmallows, and other goodies, and then wrapped in tin foil and melted over the fire.)

Favourite Drink

Favourite Animal

Favourite Book
Ryder and the Paw Patrol.  Is that a book? Yes.
(He was playing with a Ryder toy when I asked him these questions.)

Favourite Song
Raindrops on Roses 
(My Favourite Things from The Sound of Music)

Favourite Sport
Hockey.  You don't play hockey, are you sure?  Yes, one time at my camp I played hockey. 
(Summer camp, street hockey, one day)

Favourite TV Show
Paw Patrol

Favourite Movie
Paw Patrol

Favourite Thing to do Outside
Going on the swing, that's a new one! Swinging is new?  No, I didn't say watching Paw Patrol outside!!

Best Friend
Wes. You mean Wesley, from school? No, Wes! 
(This is our neighbour who is E's age but he likes Q too!)

What do you want to be when you grow up?

Anything else to share?


  1. Love all these pictures and Q's answers! He's a real sweetie! Growing up so fast. Happy 5th Birthday to Q! 💛🎉😘

  2. I love the recency bias in his answers to the quiz AND the fact that he recognized it with the swing answer! Hahaha!!! Also I hope the Blue Jays win tonight as a present for Q! I hope he's had a GREAT birthday!!!