Thursday, February 21, 2019

Clean Enough

I got this new cookbook right after Christmas and I was so excited to finally see it in print.  The author is my cousins' cousin and I knew how hard she worked on it as I followed along with her writing journey on Instagram.  Katzie (or Kathryn as I have always known her) is a trained pastry chef and has experience in a variety of different culinary settings.   Her cookbook is a combination between "Clean Eats" and "Dirty Desserts".  It's a good philosophy, eat clean food on a regular basis, but when it is time to have a dessert, as part of a celebration or otherwise, enjoy it and appreciate it.  It is a balancing act but one worth pursuing

Setting aside the actual recipes for a minute, I love the stories that accompany each recipe; Katzie is so well travelled and she borrows ingredients and techniques from all over the world.  I also appreciate the glossary of ingredients; there are some things I had never heard of or knew very little about, so I was glad to read about the health benefits, use, and reasons for including them in a recipe, and from a reputable source.  She even mentions our mutual Uncle Robert, an inspiration to her in many ways as she trained in this field, and I could hear his voice when she quoted him  and remembered family meals he cooked for us over the years. 

I have only made a few things so far, but I wanted to read through the whole book first and I will gradually work through them.  One thing that makes an appearance in my regular rotation of breakfasts is a scrambled eggs, radishes, and toast.  It sounds simple enough but Katzie's method of lightly scrambling the eggs and her addition of lemon juice and poppy seeds sprinkled over top makes all of the difference.  

Check out Katzie's website here and buy her cookbook here.

With the author herself last year when she visited Toronto.  

By the way, she did not ask me to write this post and I bought the cookbook myself.  I really do like it, although of course I am biased ;)

Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Lessons from an adult

(Or rather I should say the adult part of me, I still do kid things too like sneak chocolate chips.)

Send people condolence messages privately and quickly.  It does not matter what you say exactly, but reach out and make sure they know you are thinking of them.

Eat your vegetables.  Or whatever thing you used to refuse to eat as a kid.  There are so many tasty things out there and if you stay set in your ways and never try new things, you'll never know. There are things I don't love, like sushi, but at least I've tried it and know I don't prefer it.

Don't be afraid of the hospital.  When people are unwell (and it is appropriate to visit them), go.  They are the sick ones, go and see them.

Thank people for a job well done.  Whether that is someone serving you food, a co-worker, or someone in your family, say thank you.  Little notes or words mean a lot.

Read the news.  Don't be ignorant to the world around you.  I don't read the newspaper cover to cover, or watch the news every night, but I stay informed by listening to the radio, following reputable sources on Twitter, and checking Google News to see what's going on.  This helps you carry on conversations with the other adults you'll run into throughout the day (and understand how to explain things to the kids in your life too).

(No good photo to add to this post so just a photo from Barcelona!)

Tuesday, February 19, 2019

Weekend Recap

Friday was my last day at work but I was still there for most of the day.  I was treated to lunch, wrote a few transfer memos, and made my rounds to say goodbye to everyone.  I picked up the kids from school and we had leftovers for supper.  

On Saturday morning Q and I skipped swimming lessons and we all headed to the ski hill.  We decided to put Q on some skis and see if he liked it.  He was excited to get suited up with his helmet, boots, and skis. 

We took him over to the bunny hill and set up him up on the magic carpet.  Dave jus wore his ski boots and guided him down the hill.

He did okay but did not love it.  He started saying "too tight" when we presumed was his boots.  I mean, ski boots are supposed to be tight, but he doesn't know that and it's not like you could reason with him.  Dave decided to try and get him some bigger boots, so E and I took off to do a few runs. 

We caught up with them after a couple of runs, and we tried getting Q back out on his skis.  He just screamed and said "too tight" and although we hate giving up, he was basically just torturing everyone around us (along with us torturing him) we we stopped trying.  We aren't sure if he just didn't like being bound into the skis, since he was walking around fine with just his boots, but he got it in his head that something was "too tight" and that's all he said.  Dave took him inside while E and I did some more runs before lunch. 

Happier guy inside.

So not a great day for Q (or for Dave who didn't get to do any skiing) but E and I had some great runs and conditions were perfect.  We will try Q in lessons next year and I'm sure it will be more successful once he understands a bit more.

We headed home, made supper, and then got settled in to watch Christopher Robin. We gathered together every Winnie the Pooh stuffy we have and they joined us. 

We let E stay up late with us to watch the NBA All-Star Skills Competitions, our favourite part of All-Star weekend. 

On Sunday morning we hit up Rennie Park for some sledding.  It was very icy but we found a spot that wasn't so steep and was pretty smooth.  It was really fun.

Home for lunch and a nap.  I went to get my haircut and when I got back, we went to the movies to see the new Lego Movie.   We weren't sure how Q would do but he paid attention to the whole movie, ate his popcorn, and alternated between sitting in his own seat, with Dave, and with me. 

We were full after eating all that popcorn so the boys had grilled cheese sandwiches for supper and I had scrambled eggs on toast rather than making a big meal.  I went to yoga and the boys got to bed at a decent hour.

Q and I began our Family Day holiday watching Paw Patrol (I read my book actually).

It had snowed overnight so when Dave and E got up we went outside to shovel, and then did some sledding right by our house.

We came inside to watch Planes and then did some tidying up, while E practiced some writing. 

After lunch, Q napped, Dave did a Pelaton workout, E played his video game, and I made muffins and meatballs.  

After some curling, we went to Terroni on Queen for supper.   We had a delicious meal and everyone was well behaved.

Ryder got in on some gelato.

Great family day weekend spent with my family!

Monday, February 18, 2019

Happy Family Day!

Celebrating all of those real family moments this Family Day!  If you have a holiday today, hope you're having fun doing something!

(outtakes from our Christmas card)

Friday, February 15, 2019

Friday Favourites

 Love was shared yesterday of Valentine's Day.  I got a couple of small things for my boys.  We had french toast with heart sprinkles for breakfast (along with a cookie for Q, E took his cookie in his lunch).  We ordered Chinese food for supper and opened a bottle of red wine.

No picture with Dave yesterday but here is one from last weekend!

Because it is report card week, the school laid out everything in the lost and found in the hallway so parents could take a look through when they came in for parent-teacher interviews.  Some dear soul hung up all of the mittens, and one was ours!
The kids of the Toronto District School Board finally had a Snow Day this week.  The TDSB rarely cancels school, although sometimes they cancel busses, but the storm this week was too much so they ended up cancelling.  I worked for most of the day but Dave was at home with them and kept them entertained.  We did some shovelling when I got home and even made a snowman. 

I love making this turmeric shake for my breakfast (I use 1.5 cups of cashew or almond/coconut milk and add some water to thin it out, so I usually have enough for two mornings).  This week Q asked for some, he usually doesn't want the shakes I make and prefers the ones Dave makes with bananas, yoghurt, and frozen berries.  I gave him just a little thinking he wouldn't want to drink it, but he loved it and asked for more!

Dave went to the Raptors game on Wednesday night so we ordered some Jamaican food from Annie's on Jane.  I got the jerk chicken and the boys shared fried chicken.  Q ate up the rice and chicken asked for more.  We were disappointed the patties were sold out but we tried the roti for something different and we loved it.  I didn't exactly know what the roti was but it is chicken and potato curry wrapped in a flatbread.   This place looks unassuming but it is truly delicious and we order from here every few months.
Image result for annie's caribbean cuisine
Yesterday I shared some big news - today is my last day of work.  I'm moving to a new job after 10 years at the same place.  Excited for new challenges ahead!  I got this card yesterday and we had some yummy cake as my send off. 

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Thursday, February 14, 2019

Exciting News!!

Did you fall for this click bait?  I hope so!  I have a big announcement to share with you guys...

My big announcement today is that... tomorrow is my last day of work at my office.  I have decided to leave my job after being there for over ten years.  Now, instead of being a lawyer in a law firm,  I will be working for one company as their in house lawyer.  I will be looking after their contracts and other corporate/commercial work (like I do now for my clients), but I will also need to learn a bit about employment, construction law, and other things so I can properly instruct outside counsel when required.

Instead of driving to my office like I have been doing, I will be taking the subway everyday and working right downtown.  I am really excited for this change.  It is always a little scary to make a decision to do something different, and of course I will be sad to leave my co-workers, friends, and clients, but it is the right thing for me.  There will be more opportunities for growth in this new job and I am up for a challenge.

I'll let you know how it's going in a few weeks after I've gotten settled.

Also, Happy Valentine's Day!!  Hope your day is filled with lots of love.

Wednesday, February 13, 2019

Let's Look Wednesday

This month's version of Let's Look At is about our Favourite Reads.  I have shared about my favourite books of all time here.  So for this post I decided to write about my recent favourite books, ones I often recommend to others (links are to my previous reviews of these books):

All My Puny Sorrows - A Canadian novel about depression, suicide, and siblings.  It is heartbreaking but very well written and a good read. 

A Man Called Ove - Also about suicide, incidentally.  This one is set in Sweden and is the story of a now old man, but tells the story of his whole life. 
Image result for a man called ove
Scarborough - A Toronto book about poverty, families, and trying to get by in this city.  As I said in my review, it may be set in Toronto, but the characters in this novel also live where you live. 

When Breath Becomes Air - A non-fiction novel about a young doctor who is diagnosed with cancer.  

All the Light we Cannot See - A novel set in World War II of people trying to survive. 
Image result for all the light we cannot see

Requiem - This is also a Canadian novel about the Japanese internment during World War II.  So well written and also an important history lesson. 
Looking at these books I realize that my favourite reads usually have two of the three qualities - Canadian, war, and sad. 

You can see last month's entry about the coziest spot in my house here.

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