Friday, October 18, 2019

Friday Favourites

E had his second round of cross country this week and I got to drive him there.  It was pouring all day which made the conditions pretty rough, but were stayed as dry as we could. 

He came 97th out of 100, which was not his desired result but he ran his little heart out.  He said he got a cramp at the start of the race but never stopped running.  We are proud of him!

Sharing some hot chocolate with his buddies after the race. 

Fried Green Tomatoes is an old movie, but it is on Netflix and it still holds up.  I had forgotten how much I liked it.  

With Dave away and the kids not eating too much, I had quite the task of eating up the Thanksgiving leftover by myself.  While accomplishing this, I discovered one of the best thing I've ever had - I took the mashed potatoes, turkey, dressing, gravy, and brussels sprouts and fried it up together.  It was pretty good, but I'm sure if you put gravy on anything it makes it 10 times better.  

The boys had swimming this week and I made some macaroni and cheese for them to eat beforehand.  They did pretty well eating in the car.

We are celebrating E's birthday this weekend!! Can't wait. 

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Thursday, October 17, 2019

Books For Kids

I haven't done a post about kids' books for awhile and with Christmas coming up, I thought I would tell you about some of our current favourites:

I'm Going To Give You a Bear Hug - This is a cute little bedtime book with a cute rhyme.

Cross Country Cat - We picked up this book in Lake Placid this summer.  A cat learns to ski so it's pretty great ;)

Little Blue Truck - We have the original and the Christmas version (complete with twinkle lights). The illustrations are also really nice. 

Bonapart Falls Apart - We got this book from the book order at Q's school last year, it's a cute book, and not really Halloween-y, but it does feature typical Halloween characters.

The Thankful Book - Good for Thanksgiving or any time of the year.  We have other books with these same illustrations and they are simple and adorable.  We always like to pick out who each person is on the page. 

Richard Scarry's Cars and Trucks and Things That Go - I have a love hate relationship with this book, it is super long with lots of words, but it has really fun pictures and you get to find Gold Bug on every page.  It's not a great bedtime book, but it is a good middle of the day book. 

Happy Reading!

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

Little Things

Yesterday was one of those days where you really do have to appreciate the little things.   For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction (or something like that):

Q was happy to get dressed when he got up (not always the case) but then cried for about 20 minutes because I didn't let him eat the almond butter off of the spoon (I figured it wasn't a great idea since there are kids in his class that have allergies).

E made his own breakfast (oatmeal), but put the microwave cover on it and the oatmeal bubbled over and made a big mess.  (But not his fault)

Q stopped crying but then spilled shake on his shirt and needed an outfit change before we left.

Our cable box isn't working and I spent some time on the phone with them trying to get it fixed remotely, but it didn't work.  But thankfully I can still watch shows on the Bell app on my phone.

But we picked up some groceries (including a box of cookies the boys talked me into), read some books, E successfully completed some math work, I did my ab/pushup/squat workout, and the kitchen is cleaned up.  Plus I get to work from home tomorrow, which I am so appreciative of.

And I get to enjoy some leftover Thanksgiving wine and pie while I'm watching This Is Us (on my phone, see above).

This is not the usual format for a Little Things post, but it is still a reminder to pick out the happy little moments when you can.

Tuesday, October 15, 2019

Weekend Recap

It is always nice to have a long weekend and we enjoyed ours!  On Friday I left work early and then went to get E from the YMCA (no school that day).  We went to Costco...

...and then to the Halloween store.  E is not going to be Pokemon but he always enjoys seeing what the different costumes are.

Q did some relaxing with me on the couch when we got home before we had dinner. 

And then it was movie night!! 

This week we watched How to Train Your Dragon 4, with the neighbour boys and Papa.

The next morning we were up early, no sleeping in for this guy.  And he was happy to get dressed and go downstairs. 

I headed out early to get the remaining items for Thanksgiving, and I wanted to beat the crowds.  It was great, I didn't have to wait in line anywhere and got everything I needed. 

The boys all went for a run (E biked) and I started baking the pies.  I also put together the stuffing, and cooked the mashed carrots and turnip so I would only have to warm it up the next day.

Around 2:00 I realized it would be a good idea to go for a run.  I was not fast but it was great being out there.  I took Dave's watch.

When I got back Dave and his dad walked up the street to buy a few things, including some bouquets of flowers. 

And one of E's school friends came over.  We ordered pizza for supper and had ice cream sundaes. 

Q was up early again on Sunday morning.

I took Q to church while E and Dave met up with some of E's friends at Centennial Park to do a practice of the cross country course. E's next race is on Wednesday. 

After church it was time for Thanksgiving Dinner prep.  Turkey went into the oven shortly after 12:00 and then I started getting the rest of the vegetables ready.  E was drafted to make place cards for everyone.   He did a great job and personalized them all.  Meanwhile Dave cleaned the house.

And put together a cheese board.

Awake and ready for our guests to arrive.

E and I also made a runner for the table with leaf tracings.  We managed to fit all 10 people around the table. 

Turkey was done around 4:00 so I got it out of the oven...

...and wrapped it in tin foil and towels to let it rest and keep it warm.  Having the turkey done ahead of time is great.  It should sit for a bit anyway and it frees up the oven for the vegetables. 

Our spread of food!

Everyone lined up, filling the plates.

My plate :)

And then dessert of course - pumpkin pie, apple pie, brownies and lemon tarts

Phew, it was all so good (if I do say so myself), but I definitely had too much to eat. 

On Monday morning Dave left early to go to Florida for work.  The rest of us headed to Mount Nemo for a hike.  Dave's dad was going home that day, but since we picked a trail on the west side, he hiked with us and then continued on to Sarnia after that. 

The colours were fabulous!  And we went at the right time, it was starting to get pretty busy but we enjoyed most of the trail without seeing many people.

Q did not want a photo at this point.

This view!!

This is the real life version of Sagrada Familia.  The light coming through the tall trees is what Gaudí was trying to capture. 

After our hike we had a quick visit with some friends in Burlington and went home. Q had a nice long nap, E played with a friend, and I did a bunch of laundry.  A successful holiday Monday.