Wednesday, June 19, 2019

Little Things

Appreciating those little things in life, that are really the big things when you think about it...

Lilacs - I would say this is one of the best smells in the world.  I always stop and smell them when I get the chance. 

Swinging - I pushed Q on the swing last week and did a few "under ducks" and he giggled and loved it all. 

A cardboard box - we made use of some cardboard boxes last week to make knight's armour and swords. 

Police officers (on horses!) - Toronto held the big Raptors Championship parade and the police did a great job of keeping everyone safe, generally and when things got a little scary with the shooting.  Early in the morning when I was walking through Nathan Phillips Square, I saw a police officer and I said thanks for keeping us safe.  Then I snapped this in the afternoon as I walked north on Yonge to find an open subway station. 

Tuesday, June 18, 2019

Weekend Recap

Friday was a long day after being up late watching the Raptors win, but we powered through, and even went out in the evening.  A friend of ours just completed her PhD so she and her colleague had a little get together at Piano Piano on Harbord.  It was nice to be out, and visit with some good friends.  

Serious on the subway ride home

But then a smile.

We actually slept in until after 8:00 on Saturday morning.  Then we got ready to go to E's t-ball game. 
Q likes to watch the ball hockey too.

Then getting in on the warm up.

After lunch E and I went to do some Father's Day errands and also went to Costco.

A quick trip to the playground when Q got up.

We had a nice steak dinner to celebrate Father's Day weekend, and then watched some golf, and then caught up on Island of Bryan before calling it an early night.

The next morning we set out a few gifts and made pancakes and turkey sausage for breakfast. 

The boys and I went to church and Dave did some yard work and went for a run.  After Q got up, we biked to the park and brought along a basketball, some golf clubs and wiffle balls, and our t-ball stuff.  We did all of the things and since my pants didn't have any pockets, I didn't carry my phone around, so no pictures. 

Some cuties reading a book before bed.

Then some Handmaid's Tale before bed!

Monday, June 17, 2019

Friday Favourites (on Monday!)

My Friday Favourites post got hijacked by the Raptors winning the NBA Championships on Thursday night!!!  Not only was I late getting home, I was way too tired to finish up my regular post.  And I feel like our Raptors deserved their own post. We were so excited to see them win.  We are long suffering Raptor fans and after their loss on Monday in Game 5, I wondered if we could actually win.  I knew we were the better team (even without Golden State's injuries) and that we could get the job done, but there was that fear that it may not happen.  Even in the last few minutes of the 4th quarter I thought for sure we were going to Game 7.  It was an exciting time!! The parade is today and my plan is to head over to Nathan Phillips Square (City Hall) to catch some of the rally around lunchtime.  

A Happy Father's Day to our favourite dad - Dave!!  It sounds cliché but he really is the best dad, he does all of the things but on the next level.  Not only does he take the kids to and from school, he will fit in a run/bike to get them there, with a stop at the playground on the way home.  He can do all those regular things around the house, but also builds a fence in a weekend by himself (with a few junior helpers).  He always makes everything fun.  We are beyond lucky to call him ours!!

Last week when I was in Timmins, we had one nice day of weather so I took the opportunity for a run.  Gillies Lake is right in town.  It was so nice to be outside.  Each lap around the lake was 2.3 km so I did three laps (with some walking).

I also enjoyed some local beer - Full Beard Brewing and Compass Brewing (not pictured). 

While I was gone, the boys stayed busy.  Stayed up late for Game 5, planted a little garden, and went to the school spring fair.

Friday, June 14, 2019


Your 2019 NBA Champions are the Toronto Raptors!!!


Thursday, June 13, 2019

Work Adventures

When I went to law school, I did not expect I would ever need a hard hat, steel-toed boots, and coveralls for my job, but check me out!

I am legal counsel for a mining construction company and although going underground is not part of my job description, I wanted to go down so I could better understand what our company does.  This week I worked in our Timmins office and yesterday I went out to one of the gold mines where we are contracted to work. 

Got my lamp and ready to go.

There are two ways to go underground - by shaft elevator or by truck down the ramp.  Since there was a long wait for the elevator, we took the truck.  It was a long bumpy ride down to the place we were going but so interesting.  Honestly I nervous about this as I do not like enclosed spaces or being somewhere that I cannot easily get out of, but I was feeling comfortable.  There are so many safety precautions I'm probably more safe in the mine than walking down the street in Toronto. 

This is the Alimak Raise Climber.  It's hard to make out, but I am lying down in the climber.  What would happen is that it travels up tracks until it's upright, and then workers climb up on top to do their work in the raise.  

The track that goes across the middle of the photo is the track. The lit part on the right is where the raise climber (above) is located, it would go to the left and then head straight up, just past the left side of this photo.  It is dirty and breezy down there.  Breezy because the air exchange is blowing fresh air in and pushing the old air out.  

E asked me if I would get a pick ax, so I had to take this photo.  Hi Ho, Hi Ho, it's off to work I go.

This is our truck, only meant for underground travel.

It will definitely help my work now that I have seen the mine - the entire complex itself, and underground - and heard about the various jobs that are done there.  I also think it helps to meet some of the guys so they are comfortable contacting me if they have any issues I can help them with.  There are a couple of other mines near Timmins so next time I'm up, I could see another place to compare it to this one.  

But back to my office tower for now. 

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

Let's Look Wednesday

Today's topic is let's look at what's in my suitcase.  How convenient because I am travelling for work this week so I have a packed suitcase at my disposal!

When I can, I prefer to bring just a carry on.  I am away for three nights (was supposed to be four nights but I switched my flight so I could be at home for Game 6) and I needed work clothes, casual clothes, and running clothes.  I have four pairs of shoes with me, which seems ridiculous but it's only sneakers, flats, flip flops (which I actually don't really need), and my short rain boots, and those were a good addition.

Not pictured here is the clear bag that I used to carry my liquids.  My black toiletry bag is from thirty one and my make up bag is from Stella and Dot. I brought a rain coat and hat, and a small purse that just fits my phone and room key to take down to breakfast. 

I always seem to over pack since I always think I need extra shirts, socks, and underwear.  Like this meme says:

(but seriously, if you change your outfit for dinner, you may want a new pair of underwear!)

When I'm packing I have to go through the whole trip in my head out loud and lay out separate outfits by day/event.  It always seems to take me forever and I end up going up and down the stairs to get various things a million times.  But it is rare that I forget something super important.  And most of the time if you have your credit card, passport, and phone charger, then you can get anything else you may have forgotten.

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Tuesday, June 11, 2019

Weekend Recap

On Friday night we had early birthday cake for me.  I am away this week so if we had waited until my actual birthday (Sunday) then I would have only been able to have it one day. This way I got to enjoy it all weekend!

We went outside after supper and Dave got to work on our fence. 

My friend got me these Raptor cupcakes.  I had the Drake one of course.  We settled in for the Raptor game and were excited for another win. 

On Saturday morning I biked to my workout, and when I got back took Q to get a hair cut.   Somehow E got a sucker too even though he didn't get a trim.

We also visited No Frills and the playground by the library before heading home.  Dave had gone to Home Depot to pick up more fence supplies.  The boys helped to bring up some boards.  I was in the house vacuuming and cleaning the upstairs. 

E had a t-ball game at 6:00.  We brought a picnic with us and it was a pleasant.  E came away with the game ball - he hit the ball well each time, even got a triple!

The snack included a Fun Dip so Dave managed to get one too. 

Work done on the fence on Saturday

Sunday was my birthday and we kicked it off with a family run.  It was such a beautiful morning and we got out before 8:00.
This is 38!

Taking a break mid-run to play Pooh sticks.   The boys were gathering sticks. 

After we got home.  Q put in the least amount of effort but looks the most beat. 

Breakfast and presents outside.

I got a new Mat and Nat purse, some t-shirts from the Gap, Malin and Goetz hair stuff, outdoor plates and bowls from Kate Spade, and cookies (a raccoon and birthday cake), among other goodies. 

Back outside to continue working on the fence. The boys donned some boxes and got some cardboard swords.

After Q woke up, I took him with me to Starbucks so I could get my birthday drink.  He got a half cup of water and was just as pleased. 

I tried the mango dragon fruit refrehser.  It was pretty good.

Then we walked up to The Swan for supper. 

Fence complete!  Well done Dave!  (and helpers)

We finished up my birthday with another slice of cake, and the new episodes of Handmaid's Tale.  Great sunny weekend.