Friday, March 16, 2018

Friday Favourites

A few favourite things to wrap up this week. 

It was March Break and although we didn't go anywhere, E and I did have a fun day on Monday when he came to my office with me and then we went to a hockey game.  

My impression of Stephen Hawking from The Theory of Everything movie was that he was a little bit of jerk, but you cannot deny his contribution to our world.  He had an amazing mind and accomplished so much.  I saw this cartoon and I loved it.  He is free of his physical limitations now.

Earlier this week I was telling someone about our trip to Ireland so I thought I would repost a summary of that trip here - fitting since St. Patrick's Day is tomorrow.  

Speaking of St. Patrick's Day we have some special food plans around here, like we usually do. Tonight we are going to make potato soup and soda bread, and I've picked up the ingredients to make these squares.  Yum!

We aren't super into College Basketball but I like a good bracket so I printed off some March Madness ones and we'll see how it goes.  

Dave found this clip on Twitter, someone matched The Office theme song with the Raptors.  You can access it through this link

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Thursday, March 15, 2018

New Things and Reading List

This is a two for one post today.  First in keeping with my resolution to try new things I have been doing a lot more yoga.  I do yoga once or twice a week at lunch and for the past two weeks Dave and I have done yoga in the basement after the kids go to bed.

Yoga is a great workout because even if you're tired, it is still easy to motivate yourself to go and do it, and then before you know it you've done something good.  We have found a few good yoga teachers on YouTube, but if you have any other suggestions, leave them here.  So far we have tried Yoga by Candace and YogaTX.

Since this book was on my Reading List for this year, I thought I should write about it, but I didn't really care for it.

It is a non-fiction book by an overweight woman about her body - why she is overweight, how it affects her daily life and relationships with others, etc.  It was somewhat interesting because it is a view into someone's life that is different than mine, but I didn't think it was groundbreaking stuff.  So many people write books now about anything and everything and this one just seems like another one to add to the pile.  I realized halfway through the book that I had heard her on This American Life one time, and I do not deny she is a talented writer but the book wasn't exactly what I thought it was going to be.  Her style is to write in short little sentences and chapters, which can be effective sometimes, but here I felt like it was lazy writing.  It is an easy read though and it's not bad, just not great.

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

How We Wednesday

Today's topic is how we mom fail and live to tell about it.

This is a tough one because what I would consider a fail may be regular life for someone else and I don't want to insult anyone.  Some things like that may be too many packaged snacks in E's lunch, or letting him play on the iPad for too long, or allowing Q to have his soother through the day just to keep him quiet.

And vice versa, what others may consider fails, are just choices we have made. Like E isn't a great at skating and we have never been to Disney World.

Other things are not really fails, just accidents that happen.  Like a few weeks ago Q slipped on his pajama pants and fell into a toy and cut his gum.  I did see that the bottom of his pants had fallen around his feet and that he sometimes slips like that, and I didn't hop right up to fix it, but is that really a "fail"?  The win was really that I didn't freak out at all of the blood and calmed him down to assess the situation and then realized he was fine and didn't need a trip to the ER, and responsibly followed up with a dentist the next day.

I'm sure I will read through some other posts in the link up and think of some more ideas, but really I'm going to take it easy on myself and say I'm not really failing at anything, just getting through the life.

I did write about some "momfesional" moments in 2016 here and they are still relevant.  I am not good at brushing Q's teeth and we still have to hide the chips Dave and I eat after the kids go to bed.

Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Mom and E's Day of Fun!

E and I spent the day together yesterday and when I thought of the title of this post, I couldn't help but remember this episode of Friends:

It was the first day of March Break and E came to work with me for the morning.  He picked out this dress shirt and made sure to do his hair.

Maybe his real feeling about going to the office.

In the elevator.

We walked around so I could show him the office and introduce him to people.  He hasn't been in the office for about 3 years so some people were surprised at how big he has gotten.  He came with me to meet with my client at 8:45.  And then we went into the supply room and he picked out each  piece of coloured paper and made some artwork. 

Luckily someone brought in donuts so we quickly went over and grabbed one.

He then put all of my recycling in the shredding bin and asked a few other people if he could put their recycling in the bin too.  He enjoyed doing that and it is a good help.

We had a firm lunch in the boardroom and E dug right into the sandwiches, vegetables, and sushi.  This is him on the way out with his monster creations. 

We stopped in at home and dropped off the car and hopped on the subway to head down to the Air Canada Centre for a Marlies hockey game.

Excellent seats - Section 110, Row 7.  The tickets were arranged through E's school.  We had expected a bunch of people to be there that we knew but only one of his friends was there.  We weren't sure if just no one else came or if we were spread out around the theatre.

It was so much fun to be so close to the action.  This was warm up, the stands filled up for the game.  Not bad for a Monday afternoon AHL game.

E and his friend

He tried hard to dance and get on the Jumbotron but to no avail.  We had some popcorn and licorice and it was a fun afternoon. 

Posing with the statues on the way home.

With E and Dave skiing on Saturdays all winter, it was nice to have some E and Mom time!

Monday, March 12, 2018

Weekend Recap

 On Friday, Dave made some lovely pizzas for our supper.  I love takeout pizza too but nothing beats a homemade one.

After supper we played some Quirkle. First I played with E and then when I took Q down for a bath Dave took my spot.

On Saturday morning I was up bright and early to go to my workout class for 7:30.  This is me when I got home with some red cheeks.

I thought about making my regular bagel and cream cheese but then decided to make a healthier choice and went with oatmeal with grated apple, chopped figs, and cinnamon.  It was so delicious.

E had a playdate with one of his friends in the morning so Dave dropped him off there.  After Q woke up we went to do some errands and we stopped at the playground on the way home.

After some lunch and Q went for another nap.  I took E to a birthday party.  Then Dave and I watched Baywatch and I had a this snack of apple drizzled with peanut butter (warmed up to make it easier to drizzle) and sprinkled with coconut, hemp hearts, and cacao nibs.  

This was the entertainment at the party - a video game truck!!

Some cake before leaving

Then we all piled in the car to have dinner at our friend Janna's house.  I love her warm and comfortable condo.  We had a delicious meal and great visit.

And we had brought some cupcakes from Bake Sale for dessert.

After we got home Dave and I watched The Shape of Water.  It was good but I think I liked some of the other Best Picture nominees better, but I guess since it was different it attracted the votes.  And it was made in Canada so I am not complaining about that!

We went to church and E made soft pretzels there.  Pretzels are actually a Lenten food.  They were made in the shape of someone crossing their arms in front of them in prayer, and they were created by a monk during Lent when people were fasting from dairy, meat, leaven bread, etc. 

I cut mine in half and made it into a sandwich.

For the rest of the afternoon we didn't do too much but relaxed and then I got some groceries.  I made this delicious salad for our supper from the Oh She Glows Everyday cookbook.  The almond butter sauce makes it, she wasn't joking when she said you could eat it by the spoonful.

After supper E wanted to play a game on the iPad but I told him he had to do something else first so he set about making a picture by cutting out pieces of construction paper, so I thought that was a good idea. 

A few stories for before bed.

I finished my evening with candlelight yoga.  What a treat that was!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Friday Favourites

On International Women's Day yesterday, Canada did a couple of cool things - first the new $10 bill was released featuring Viola Desmond, the black Nova Scotian woman who refused to sit in the coloured section of the theatre.

And then a new heritage moment came out about Lucy Maud Montgomery. 

I made these muffins this week and they are new favourites. 

I know a popular post is always a Day in the Life, well I did a Week in the Life post (thanks for the inspiration Shay) on Wednesday, so if you're into those kind of posts, check it out.

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