Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Weekend Recap

I took this photo on Friday, during school, Q was using my computer and I was drawing.  Isn't that how it should all go?

I got up early on Saturday morning to do some work and then I got a workout in, with Dave!

It was a cold day so we didn't plan on doing too much.  We went outside to take down the Christmas lights, and then played inside the rest of the day.  We got E to go up the ladder.

Q got this ice cream stand for Christmas.

Then we made some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

We had an easy meal of appetizers and meat, cheese, and crackers.  And then watched Night at the Museum 2.  After the kids went to bed, Dave and I continued on Season 1 of Schitt's Creek. 

On Sunday morning, we got up for another hike.  I saw someone I follow on Instagram go on a hike on Saturday so I asked her where she went and she sent me the coordinates for this place and we tried it out.  It was called Happy Valley Forest, parking was at the end of a dead end road so that was perfect.

Photo bomb!

A beautiful day to be outsides.  There was some nice snow cover and although colder than it has been, it wasn't that bad.

Time for our hot drinks. 

On the way back we played a game where E ran ahead and hid and then Q had to come along and find him.   Not sure if you can see, but E is lying down in the middle of this photo (black and blue jacket).

Lunch tailgate.

When we got home, we booked some campsites for Canada Day weekend (coordinating with two other families). Then we watched the Green Bay Packers game and had wings and caesar salad for supper.  


Monday, January 25, 2021

Apple Watch Review

I got an Apple Watch for Christmas and after wearing it for a month, I wanted to tell you what I thought about it so far. 

It's the Series 6, aluminium case, and the Pink Sand coloured sport band.  It is my first Apple Watch, and my first wrist fitness tracker of any sort. Dave had a Garmin for fitness and golf but it broke and he needed something new.  He decided on an Apple Watch and I decided I would like one too.  

The main thing I use it for is tracking my fitness and movement.  It wasn't something I was too interested in before, but I kind of like seeing what I accomplish during the day and feel encouraged to go for a walk or do a workout if my movement has been low.  Dave and I have done two weekly competitions and we are always really close (although I have been winning so far).  

The other thing I really like is that I get notifications from my phone at my wrist, so I don't always have to be checking my phone. This is particularly good during the work week if I am away from my desk helping Q with school and then see a work email come in, then I can head back to my computer to respond.  I also miss phone calls all of the time since I keep my phone on silent, but now calls will ring to my wrist and I know to answer them.  Unfortunately Teams calls, that we use for work, don't ring on my wrist while they are coming in, I only get a notification that I've missed the call. 

I also simply like knowing the time.  I used to wear a watch all the time but got out of the habit.  Now not only do I know the time, I can also know the date, and check the temperature.  

Two other small things I like are being able to take a photo from my phone by pressing a button on my watch, with 3 second timer.  We have only done it a few times, but it saves you from setting up the camera and then racing back to get in the photo.  And there is also a walkie-talkie feature that hooks in with your phone.  Dave and I have used this a few times to communicate quickly, rather than text. 

I'm sure there are other things I need to get familiar with, like an actual sleep tracker app would be interesting, but for now I'm enjoying it.  Let me know if you have any tips for me.

Friday, January 22, 2021

Friday Favourites


A couple of fun things from our week:

Q donned a Captain America costume on Monday for virtual school, and it was a hit.  He inspired a couple of his friends to go and find a costume too, and his (supply) teacher even grabbed a clown wig.  And then in his gym class, the teacher chose an Avenger themed workout video for them to try based on Q's costume.

We all played Bey Blades after supper one night.  Q can actually pull the cord himself (after we have loaded it up for him), but he wanted me to play for him instead.

We had another family game night last night.  We ordered from Fresh and played Wobble, Yahtzee, and Go Fish. 

Like many people, we have been looking for a weight set to use at home.  I had a set of five pound weights, and we have a 25 pound kettlebell, but it wasn't enough.  Dave ordered some weights from Peloton and they arrived this week.  Now we have 15, 20, 25, and 30.  The ten pound set is arriving next week.  

As a fan of Fleabag, I was delighted to find Phoebe Waller-Bridge's other TV show, Crashing, on Netflix.  Similar to Fleabag with its antics, dialogue, and awkwardness, but different too (and stars Anthony Bridgerton as Sam). I laughed out loud several times so worth watching if you liked Fleabag.  It is only one short season though :( 

I want to jump on the bandwagon for Amanda Gorman, the poet from the inauguration this week.  I am not really "into" poetry and spoken word performances, but this had me transfixed.  It is rare to get to witness such genius first hand (as first hand as one can get through the TV).  I am dutifully following her on Instagram now :)

I'm ready for this week to be over!  Looking forward to sleeping in past 7:00 am tomorrow.  Have a good Friday everyone!

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Wednesday, January 20, 2021

Inauguration Day

Canadians are usually interested in what is going on with our neighbours to the South, and the last four years have been no exception.  I remember the tremendous sadness I felt with Donald Trump won the election in 2016.  Not only was he an abysmal choice on its own but I was so disappointed that Hillary Clinton, who has worked hard her whole life and was such a a qualified candidate, lost.  This was my post at that time.

Throughout Trump's term of office there would be certain events or declarations made where I thought, "Okay, Trump can't possibly survive this. He will be kicked out of office", and I would feel excited that this was it, he's gone.  And each time (and there were so many), nothing would happen. All would be forgotten and we would be onto the next thing.  So after a couple of years of that, I gave up, and my saying was "Just let me know when the series finale is on and I'll tune in then".  Meaning this seemed like a television series that kept giving us cliffhangers but then the series would just keep being renewed and the main characters remained.  If I hung onto each possibility that Trump could be removed, then I was always disappointed.  I even thought the "series" would be renewed for another four years, but now here we are finally at the series finale. 

I will be watching the inauguration today and looking forward to the end of Trump's term.  I hope it is the last we hear of him although given his nature and that of his family members, I know they will probably be lurking somewhere.  

I have always liked Joe Biden and I love that Kamala Harris will be there as his VP.  For many people, we feel like we can breath a sign of relief.  Although there will always be problems that seem unsurmountable, at least they will now be approached by an administration that is steady, calm, measured, and empathetic. 

Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Weekend Recap

Another weekend in official lockdown so this weekend looked a lot like the last few.  I started my weekend with a healthy breakfast and some good reading.  

Then we got in the car to do another winter hike.  This week we visited Cold Creek Conservation Area.  We did almost 6 kilometres.  We headed across the Pine Plantation Trail first, down to the South Connector and up the Cedar Grove Trail, Old Meadow Trail, and Country Forest Trail to get back to the car.  We had a few lagging kids, but ultimately they did well. 

Let's do this, get outside!

It was icy in many spots so we were glad to have our hiking sticks.

If you can believe it, this actually reminded me of the grounds surrounding the Palace of Pena in Sintra, Portugal.  Obviously the snow was not present there, but the air was warm on Saturday, and the sun coming through the trees, and the setting did remind me of our trip to Sintra.

Stopping for a snack and our hot drinks.

Each portion of the trail was so different. 

Hello down there!

After we got back, I walked up to get some food for supper.  Meanwhile Dave cut up our Christmas tree.  We were going to have a fire in our firepit and this would be some of the fuel.  Now we ended up using only a few branches, but we did burn the whole trunk.

Vegetable tray to go with our sausages (cooked on a grill on the firepit).

And we did popcorn over the fire too.

We watched Night at the Museum with E, and then we all went to bed at 10:00.  

On Sunday morning I did a yoga workout and it was wonderful.

After I went to get groceries, I joined Dave in cleaning the house.  We were very productive.  In the later afternoon I took the kids to a playground for a bit to get them outside.

We had a nice Sunday dinner (baked chicken, green beans, and leek and potato gratin) and after the kids were showered and in bed, Dave and I managed to watch News of the World with Tom Hanks.  And I stayed awake! :)

Next weekend should look similar, another hike, another playground.