Friday, October 1, 2021

Nova Scotia Recap Part 2

Welcome back to my recap of our trip to Nova Scotia, this is part 2 of 2.  You can see the first part here.

On Thursday morning we left Shelburne bright and early to drive to Halifax.  Dave's flight was arriving around 11:00 so we would pick him up then.  We picked up some McDonalds for lunch and then hung out at my aunt's house until our AirBnb was ready.  The AirBnb worked out so well, it was just a block away from my aunt's house, and it had three bedrooms so my parents stayed with us and we all had plenty of space.  There was also a Playstation so that kept the kids entertained!  

After we got settled into our place, we got an Uber downtown to meet up with the rest of our family for dinner at McKelvie's.  This restaurant was owned by my uncle Robert, who died in 2017.  It was his son who was getting married on this weekend.  Robert was warmly remembered at this dinner (and at the wedding), and the red wine we drank was actually something he had saved in his cellar for a special occasion.  My aunt brought it out for us to share at this special occasion of their son's wedding.  

We were a little early for dinner so we took a spin down to the the big wave and playground to put in some time. 

A few photos on the patio before dinner.  I'm looking forward to seeing the actual professional photographs.

This restaurant opened in 1982 so I've been going there all my life!

On Friday morning, Dave and I went for a run with cousin Rebecca (or rather they went for a run together and I just did the first part with them before turning back).  I ran back through the Dalhousie campus where I went to university many years ago.  It was neat to see what had changed and what was the same. 

Then we had an easy morning before going down to eat lunch at Saltys (another restaurant that was formerly owned by my uncle and where I used to work).

Requisite photos in the stocks.


Then we walked over to get an ice cream cone at Cow's and enjoyed the waterfront scene.  We went home after that and some of us had a rest before going out to my cousin's house.  We ordered some food out there and got some visiting time in. 

Saturday was the big day as it was the day of the wedding, the main reason we went to Nova Scotia.  We were concerned about the weather but it did not rain and was quite pleasant.  We had a nice slow morning - I registered for swimming lessons, we watched the F1 qualifying and the kids played Playstation. We also ordered pizza and garlic fingers for our lunch, yum!

Then it was time to get dressed up.  The boys look spiffy in their new duds, all purchased from H and M. 

The wedding was out in Mineville, which is near Lawrencetown.  It was a beautiful site and as I said above, the weather was dry and we enjoyed being outside. We explored the grounds before the ceremony got started. 

Then some family photos after the wedding. 

We had some bubbly and food while playing some lawn games before dinner.  The food was catered by Upstreet BBQ Brewhouse and everything was delicious!!

E and baby L!

This was the yurt where we ate dinner and danced.

Hitting the dancefloor, this is what Q was here for!

We enjoyed ourselves immensely and it was so good to be with family!

On Sunday morning we had breakfast at my aunt's house before heading to the airport and home. 


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  1. How wonderful that you got to be there for the wedding!