Tuesday, October 26, 2021

E's Birthday Recap

E turned 10 last Thursday and we had several days of celebration, proper thing!  We had birthday waffles in the morning and then he opened his gifts.

His big gift was that we let him (finally) get Fortnite and he got these headphones so he could chat with his friends while playing. 

He was also excited to get a Rubik's Cube since many of his friends are pros at solving them so he will learn it too!

We picked up the kids slightly early from school that day and we went downtown to go up the CN Tower.  We have lived here since 2008 and have never done this.

It was a bit cloudy but we could still see lots.

Looking for our house.

Seeing planes land and take off from this level is pretty neat!

We paid the extra to go up to the Skypod.

Then we laid on the glass floor.

Heading back down to Earth

Love this shot!

We had dinner at Beertown and we all enjoyed our meal!  This is a fun new spot at Wellington and University.

The birthday celebrations continued on Friday night when E got to enjoy his birthday sushi. 

And he got a DQ Treatsa Pizza

His birthday party was on Saturday afternoon at The Bubble.  This place has a huge indoor inflatapark, laser tag, and arcade.  The kids got to do it all and we had pizza and cake in there somewhere too.

They got to play on this for an hour and halfway through E was like "how much longer!?" because it's hard work bouncing and climbing.  They all found a second wind and closed out the hour, no problem!

I got to bounce too!

I love a Loblaws/Superstore cake!

10 years old!

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