Tuesday, October 19, 2021

Weekend Recap

This was our first weekend without any grand plans for the first time in awhile so we embraced it.  On Friday we had pizza night and watched The Addams Family (the animated one) with the kids and then Dave and I watched The Morning Show.

On Saturday morning I made some muffins when I got up and the kids just watched some TV downstairs.  I took Q to gymnastics and E tagged along so we could walk around while we waited. 

We first stopped into The Merseyside for a coffee and croissants.

We also stopped into Hula Girl where I picked up a pound of coffee.  Then we took the bridge across the railway tracks and walked south on the Railpath. 

We love a mural!

After we picked up Q from gymnastics we went home for lunch.  I did some cleaning upstairs. Dave and Q fixed a hole in Q's wall.

Dave golfed 9 holes and then we met at our friends' house where we were invited for supper.  We had a delicious meal and a great visit.  

Sunday was an easy morning for me.  Dave went golfing again, and the rest of us watched a movie.  Before more TV, I had the kids practice some writing and get dressed and then I let them do whatever they wanted.  I watched our church service online, and enjoyed the handbell choir!

When Dave got home we had lunch. Then I picked up our grocery order and he mowed the lawn.  We went for a walk by the river.  It was a beautiful day and even a bit chilly!

We went home via the woods and found the skull of some animal on the trail.

I made a pumpkin pie and French onion soup, two favourite fall dishes.  Meanwhile Dave and the kids worked on Lego, they are rebuilding some of our sets.

Baths, stories, and a quick show before bed.  A perfect Fall weekend!



  1. Nice weekend! That croissant looks so good! And the French onion soup...yum!

  2. Now I want French Onion Soup. Yum! I will have to add it to the menu plan.

  3. Your soup looks delicious! I am the only one here that eats French Onion so I rarely get to have any. What a fun and relaxing weekend.