Wednesday, October 6, 2021

Monthly Musings


I'm a little late to this link up party but still wanted to do it. Linking up with Holly and Patty

1. Favourite Fall Fashion Pieces?
Big scarves, trench coats, sneakers, grey jeans.

2. Favourite Colours to Wear in the Fall?
Black and red.  I don't wear these colours as much in the summer.

3. Boots or Booties?
Boots, I have never found a pair of booties that suited me. 

4. Are you a Scarf Person?
Yes, I often have a scarf with me.  One of my favourite ones for fall is the one below.  It is huge which means it is also good for a blanket if you're sitting outside when it's chilly.

5. Favourite Fall Handbag? Do you Switch Up Your Bags for the Seasons?
I have a larger tan leather bag that I need to get out now.  It's a good colour for fall and good for errands.  

6. Trend you are most interested in trying this season?
I actually googled "Fall Fashion Trends 2021" since I have no clue what is going on in the fashion world, however the articles were distinctly unhelpful.  I do recall seeing some floral print dresses at Banana Republic and I do like a good dress for work.

7. Long Cardigan or Boyfriend Cardigan?
I don't like super long sweaters, just slightly longer than my top, so I guess I like the boyfriend one? I'm not sure I really know the difference. 

8. Are you a Plaid Person?
Yes, I have a few plaid shirts, I am Canadian with a Scottish last name so I think it's standard issue here.  We have a family rule when we are going somewhere or taking photos, only 2 people maximum are allowed to wear plaid, otherwise it gets a little out of hand.

9. Vest or Puffer Coat?
Not a vest person, I prefer my Patagonia down jacket, which I guess is a puffer coat, although it's not that puffy.  I prefer my trench coat for fall, both a long beige one and my shorter red one (see above paired withs scarf).

10. Do you change up your make-up for Fall?
No, my makeup routine is pretty much the same all year round.  It's not too dramatic so I can get away with keeping it the same.

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