Tuesday, October 12, 2021

Thanksgiving Weekend Recap

 We had a beautiful Thanksgiving weekend.  It always feels like a good weekend to catch your breath after school starts and before (dare I say, Christmas, and Halloween of course).  On Friday evening I scurried home and took the kids to Spirit Halloween to see about their costumes.  The store's payment system was down so they were only accepting cash, so we left that store and then went to a different location after supper. We got something for Q but needed to order something from Amazon for E.  Dave and I finished up Ted Lasso and watched another episode of Squid Game (almost done!).

On Saturday morning I was up early so I could walk down to pick up some bread and our turkey.  When I got back we watched the F1 qualifying and started tidying up.  I took Q to his gymnastics.  In the afternoon I made some food for our Thanksgiving dinner and then Dave's parents arrived.  It was sort of rainy so there was lots of Lego and TV. 

On Sunday morning we slept in a bit which was nice, and then we watched the F1 race.  I got the turkey in the oven before 1:00 while everyone else went for a walk down by the river.  I walked down to meet them.  It was so nice out, but crowded.  

The kids (along with our neighbour) played some board games (after a number of hours of video games!) including Twister with Grandma and Papa. 

Along with Dave's parents, his cousin and her husband also came for Thanksgiving dinner.  
Everything is ready!

Including two pies, made by Dave's cousin Heather.  So delicious!

It was a beautiful day on Monday and we headed out for a hike.  We went to Happy Valley where we went in the Winter and the Spring.  Although the fall colours weren't entirely out, it was still beautiful.  I was somewhat obsessed with taking pictures of fungi and I loved all of the different colours. 

Dave spotted three of these little guys.

Group photo by our tree.  I swear the kids had a good time. 

"Smile Q".  "I am smiling"

Picnic in the car before heading home. 

When we got home Dave went for a run and I did some yoga.  Then we had leftover turkey dinner and then watched Dancing with the Starts before bed.  Love a long weekend!

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  1. Wow! You spotted a lot of interesting mushrooms and fungi! Pretty! Looks like a wonderful weekend. Good to see everyone.