Thursday, October 7, 2021

Day in the Life

I like to do a Day in the Life post every few months and the last one I did was in February.  If you like these type of posts, check out my previous ones here.  They are ones I like to go back and read for myself and be reminded of those regular days.

This was my day on Tuesday.

My alarm was set for 6:45.  I got up and went downstairs to put together lunches and breakfasts.

I had "We Built This City" in my head so I found it on Spotify and listened to this playlist.

Good morning Q!  He had cereal and melon.

Dave came up from his Peloton ride.

Ready for school, he wanted a photo with his mask (which he did leave at home).

Driving Q to his before school program.

When I got back I got E up for breakfast.

He walks to school with some friends.

Then I got my own breakfast together and sat down at my home office.

I put on this podcast while I started work.

I could not resist getting a cupcake mid morning.  I worked on a contract for a new Mexican contract, had a meeting with my CEO and CFO, and prepared an agenda for our next board meeting. 

After watching Dancing with the Stars on Monday night, I wanted more Britney so I listened to this playlist.

I kept the Britney train rolling by watching the Netflix doc "Britney vs. Spears" while I ate my lunch (leftover spaghetti squash with chicken).

Before going back to work I put our sheets in the washing machine, tidied up the kitchen and turned on the dishwasher.  Then back to my desk for the afternoon, working on other agreements and organizing documents. 

E arrived home around 3:45 and helped himself to some candy.

I took him to piano lessons and then drove to the school to pick up Q.  Since we pick up E on the way home, and his lesson is 30 minutes, I killed some time in the car by reading my book before I actually got Q from school. 

Q calling to E as he came out of his lesson to meet us.

When we got home, I started supper and the kids went down to play on the Switch with Dave.  I made pumpkin sausage pasta and it was delicious!

After supper I got things together for the next day, including my own backpack since I was going to the office on Wednesday.

Hey guys!  Dave says "we are doing nothing".

I made our bed with our fresh sheets and then got changed for a Peloton ride.  I completed my Britney themed day with Cody's Britney ride, which I have done before but loved it all over again.   Meanwhile Dave put Q to bed and E played more video games (and didn't mind me singing along with my ride).


I went up to shower and then sent E to bed.  Dave and I settled in with some wine, Ted Lasso, and Squid Game.

We could have watched more episodes but made the right decision to go to bed around 10:45.

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