Friday, October 8, 2021

Friday Favourites

I haven't joined in on the Friday Favourites link up for a few weeks but I have a few fun things to share today.

The kids stayed home from school on Monday, they had some stuffy noses and although that is not one of the screening questionnaire symptoms, we thought it was a good idea to stay home anyway and rest up.  We got some fresh air down by the river in the afternoon.  The kids biked and I walked.  Our park is ripped apart due to some watermain work so it was muddy and wet.  We saw some jumping salmon too!

On Wednesday I had to pick up a few books at the library so I took the kids with me after I picked them up and they picked out a few books too.  Then we met Dave at the golf club for supper and they looked at their books when we sat down. 

I mentioned our new pillows in my What's Up Wednesday last week. They arrived and we love them.  If you're interested and I know you are, you can find them here. (We do use pillow cases but I wanted to show you what the actual pillow looks like.)

One of my favourites from Dancing with the Stars is Jimmie Allen, the country singer.  I listened to some of his music this week and loved it.  I'm more of a '90s country music fan, not as much into the new stuff, but I could listen to him again.

Who is watching Squid Game?! We are about halfway through and it is fascinating.  We are loving it.

Jane Station had a pop-up vaccination clinic this week and I saw a number of people getting their shots when I took the subway to work.  I am happy people are still getting vaccinated.

I am looking forward to this long Thanksgiving weekend.  Hoping to get out for a hike and bike ride. I am in charge of most of the turkey dinner (gravy already made and in the freezer, thanks Jamie Oliver!) so I am looking forward to that, one of my favourite meals. I ordered some groceries for delivery from our favourite local produce store, Carload.  I am in the office today and I know tomorrow will be busy so I wanted to get all of my Thanksgiving groceries out of the way.  I do have to walk up to get the turkey but that's it.  The Carload delivery was awesome! 

Have a lovely long weekend!

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  1. Happy Thanksgiving to you! You are the second blogger to mention Squid Games this week; I'll have to go check that out.