Tuesday, January 26, 2021

Weekend Recap

I took this photo on Friday, during school, Q was using my computer and I was drawing.  Isn't that how it should all go?

I got up early on Saturday morning to do some work and then I got a workout in, with Dave!

It was a cold day so we didn't plan on doing too much.  We went outside to take down the Christmas lights, and then played inside the rest of the day.  We got E to go up the ladder.

Q got this ice cream stand for Christmas.

Then we made some oatmeal chocolate chip cookies.

We had an easy meal of appetizers and meat, cheese, and crackers.  And then watched Night at the Museum 2.  After the kids went to bed, Dave and I continued on Season 1 of Schitt's Creek. 

On Sunday morning, we got up for another hike.  I saw someone I follow on Instagram go on a hike on Saturday so I asked her where she went and she sent me the coordinates for this place and we tried it out.  It was called Happy Valley Forest, parking was at the end of a dead end road so that was perfect.

Photo bomb!

A beautiful day to be outsides.  There was some nice snow cover and although colder than it has been, it wasn't that bad.

Time for our hot drinks. 

On the way back we played a game where E ran ahead and hid and then Q had to come along and find him.   Not sure if you can see, but E is lying down in the middle of this photo (black and blue jacket).

Lunch tailgate.

When we got home, we booked some campsites for Canada Day weekend (coordinating with two other families). Then we watched the Green Bay Packers game and had wings and caesar salad for supper.  



  1. Good for E to go up the ladder and help take the lights down! I am also impressed with your weekend hikes! That's wonderful! And you had this place to yourselves, it looks like. Liking the lunch tailgate, too!

  2. Oh, that looks like a beautiful place to hike. We need to find more places around here.