Tuesday, January 12, 2021

Weekend Recap

We ended our virtual learning week with a round of the Thriller Dance (modified for JK students) that I joined in on while on a conference call (fortunately one where I did not have speak, if only my colleagues could see me!).  For all your parents holding down full time jobs while trying to keep your kids engaged, I see you!  Please feel free to fill my DMs or comments with your own stories of trying. to get by.

We had a pretty simple Friday night of salad bowls for supper and a couple of shows (wrapped up The Ripper on Netflix). 

On Saturday morning we headed up to the Caledon area for a winter hike.  We met Dave's parents who needed to come in to exchange something nearby.  It was such a beautiful morning with the bright sun, crisp air, and lots of snow.  We chose the Humber Valley Heritage Trail.  Free and no reservations required, a win!  Slightly icy at the beginning but we had hiking sticks and also walked on the softer snow on the side of the trail when we needed more traction. 

Trying to slide down the path.  This was more successful later on at some steeper sections.  E went down on his front like he was doing the skeleton. 

We brought some hot chocolate too of course.

Q did pretty well but needed a lift on the way back to the car for lunch.

The trailhead at the parking lot (off Duffy Lane and Hwy 150).

Lunch tailgate.

We were home early so I walked up to pick up a few groceries, E played with the neighbours, and Q and Dave played games and puzzles.  I made a bean soup and the boys had sushi for supper. 

On Sunday morning I did a workout, got groceries, and "attended" church in the morning.  After lunch we took a quick spin over to High Park. 

More hot drinks.  We bring our new Hydroflask filled with hot water and then packets of hot chocolate, instant coffee, and apple cider mix since everyone likes something different, it makes more sense than bringing one big container of hot chocolate.

We saw a coyote on the ice on our way back to the car (near the duck pond by the zoo), so an exciting trip.  

I took this picture of Q for my cozy blog post from yesterday. We were all cozy as our stew cooked in the oven. 

We got the kids showered and into bed, and then Dave and I finally got into Bridgerton.  Rather I watched it, he sat on the couch with me and watched the Raptors on his phone.  That works!


  1. I like the idea of bringing hot water and packets of drink stuff so everyone can have a warm drink while you're out. I have to admit, I really love heading off to work while Dave and the kids work/learn at home. I think it's going okay over here. However, if you want to say a few prayers, they're demolishing the back half of the house next door to us soon (was supposed to be yesterday but it didn't happen) and we're expecting very noisy times for a few days. Ugh.

    1. Prayers for sure! It does sound exciting (at least at the beginning, I'm sure it will get old real quick!).

  2. Was my friend Jaya teaching the Thriller dance?
    I know she has been teaching 19 classes at Humberside! Snowy hike looks like fun! We walked through High Park on Saturday. My friend told me her friend walks there every day and a coyote comes so close to her that she could pat it if she wanted. We didn’t see any coyotes on Saturday, but we did see a skunk!
    I “attended” church on Sunday too. Funny we can’t see each other at all, but I had a feeling you were also there!

    1. Yes, that's our dance/drama teacher for both kids. She is fabulous.
      A skunk is just as exciting!