Thursday, January 14, 2021

What's in my Fridge

Yesterday I posted about my coffee area, and today I am showing you what is in my fridge.  I got this idea last month after seeing others post about what was in their fridge.  I have a curiosity about what other people eat (always checking out grocery carts!) and maybe you do too.  We go grocery shopping once a week and pick up odds and ends throughout the week.  I took these photos on Tuesday and this is an accurate depiction of what we usually have.

(Please ignore the finger prints, cleaning the appliances is on my to do list!)  This fridge was here when we moved in and apparently it was custom made to be counter-depth.  I don't love the double doors as fitting things in can be a challenge.

Come on in!

I try to put condiment type things on the top shelf.  Ketchup, mayo, pickles, salad dressing, etc.  We keep our fresh herbs in a pot of water with a bag over top and it keeps forever.  This is cilantro from last week's tacos, and I'll use the rest for our noodle bowls this week.

The second shelf is for breakfast items.  Yoghurt, syrup, almond butter from Bulk Barn.  E got some maple butter in his stocking so that is a nice treat he's been enjoying.

Then we have some leftovers, and on the right is a big block of Costco mozzarella for our pizza nights.

Eggs are kept on the short shelf in the middle.  We usually have at least two cartons.  Then some extra milk and vegetables.

We have a drawer to keep our meat and cheese.

Two produce drawers are down below. I don't keep fruit and vegetables separated, just whatever fits into each drawer.  This week we had some leeks for a recipe, also some zucchini, peppers, mushrooms and radishes.  Lettuce and kale are kept washed and cut up in the plastic containers.  (I need to cut up that lettuce in the back before it gets too wilty.)

Bottom drawer has apples, grapefruit, celery, and green onions.

On the door butter is kept up top. The second shelf is for curry pastes, olives, hot sauce, and jalapeños.

We always have two percent milk, cashew milk, and half and half.  We used to buy bag milk but the kids drink less milk than they used to and Dave and I don't drink it at all, so the 2L carton is fine, even though it is more expensive.  The shelf below that is the mustard shelf, who knew we had so many different types!  The peanut butter and jam is kept at the bottom for Q's easy access (not that he is making his own sandwiches yet, but he loves to get everything ready).

Now over to our freezer.

At the top is bread.  I always have a loaf of spelt bread up there, and some pitas that the kids like for their lunch.  We also got a brioche loaf in our grocery order last week so that's up there now.  We don't usually buy this but I had asked for brioche hamburger buns and since they were out they thought a suitable substitute was a loaf of bread.  I will try using this for a recipe at some point.
Below that is all of our frozen fruit we use for shakes.  We also have a frozen pie shell that is great for a quiche.

The next shelf has a variety of frozen leftovers - turkey, dressing, chicken.  And also some frozen ground turkey.  I bought cream cheese to make a recipe at Christmas but then didn't make it so now I still have that in the freezer.  We have some turkey sausages, meatballs, appetizers (also leftover from Christmas), and potstickers on the next shelf.  I'm not really into pre-made frozen items so this is the extent of it here.  

Frozen bagels are next, and some puff pastry (also purchased for a recipe I didn't make)

Frozen vegetables in the bottom two drawers.  We always have peas, corn, baby carrots, and broccoli.  Recently I bought frozen beets and they are great for a side or to add to a salad.

The door is a mishmash of items.  We have a little container of ice cream that we picked up at the gas station when we went to get milk one day (bribery to get the kids to walk with me), some ice packs, ice cubes, leftovers, and frozen bananas. 

I posted about what is in our cupboards in 2019 and it's pretty similar to what we still do, so if you're interested, click over there.


  1. I love seeing all the PC items :) And I never thought about freezing cream cheese but I should do that. And we bribe our kids to walk with treats too!

    1. We love our Loblaws and No Frills! I love their selection of frozen fruit and vegetables.