Tuesday, January 5, 2021

Christmas Recap Part 1

I love going back to see all of the fun we had over the Christmas holidays, even though we were missing our family members, we stayed busy (and also had some time to relax without feeling like we needed to get out and do things).  I had the entire two weeks off, with just a few times when I had to attend to work things. 

First official day of holidays (Monday), Q was ready for the season!

Some time at the playground for some fresh air.

We decorated our sugar cookies in the afternoon.  Sprinkles galore!

On Tuesday I did a few errands at the store and did some tidying.  This was the only picture I took all day, so it must have been a good day.  Egg nog and puzzle.

I was up early on Wednesday morning to head to Mike's Fish Market (on Vansco Rd.) to get our annual feed of lobster. I also picked up some oysters and smoked salmon.  I got there before its opening time at 7:00 am so I didn't have to wait in line. 

Dave's parents decided not to come in to spend Christmas with us (given the lockdown restrictions), so we met them halfway in Woodstock to exchange our gifts.  We took the opportunity to take a walk at Roth Park.  Who knew we would be on the "beach" (of the Thames River) in December?!

We got some McDonalds for lunch and listened to some Vinyl Cafe Christmas stories on the way home.

Then it was lobster night.  Dave can't eat lobster, and Q only tried a few bites, but E and I enjoyed ours (as well as Dave's parents, since we brought them some lobster to take home too), they were so tasty this year!  We had four for us, and I had some leftover to have lobster sandwiches for the next two days, yum yum!

On Christmas Eve we only had a few things left to wrap, and some food to prepare, and Dave had to run up for milk, but mostly we stayed home, watching movies, playing Nintendo, and finishing our puzzle.

Last piece!

Dave took the boys for a walk to spot some birds.

The foam was blowing through the air.

I watched The Holiday in the afternoon. Q was only sort of interested.

We always have an assortment of appetizers for Christmas Eve and this year was no exception. Lots of oysters, a shrimp ring, some M and M Meats appetizers, and some fondue.

Then we played a few games - like a candy cane scavenger hunt (with flashlights).

And drawing a picture on a plate that's on top of your head so you can't see what you're doing.  A decorated tree with a fireplace and presents, right?!

Ready for Santa!

Putting out some snacks for him.

The boys were excited on Christmas morning (we managed to sleep in until 7:00).

Santa was here!

Dark Sabres (from The Mandalorian).

Dark Sabre battle.

Our breakfast spread.

Irish coffees for two.

Our gift opening time was a lot shorter this year, and that was fine. I was happy to get things cleaned up mid-morning and have the kids play with their toys.

Plus we had a white Christmas! So Dave went out to shovel and we all went outside to enjoy it.

Christmas snowman :)

By 1:00 or so it was time to get the turkey in the oven.

Oh hai, Baby Yoda/Grogu.

Warming up the gravy

Out of the oven.

Resting under the blankets while I got the rest of the meal ready.

Dave does the carving.

We had Christmas crackers from Indigo and they came with fun masks.


Our dessert which more or less turned out.  It wasn't exactly like the recipe but it tasted delicious.

Come back tomorrow for Part 2, which is the week between Christmas and New Year's when no one knows what day it is!



  1. Thank you! That sure looks like a wonderful family Christmas! I enjoyed seeing it all and feeling like I was there with you. Snow much fun....as E's shirt says. You looked lovely in your festive sequinned top and in you festivus shirt by the stove! So Beautiful!

  2. It's so nice you got to see some family outside. Are you a knitter? I see gloves and a hat that look knit!

    1. No I'm not! But we do have a few homemade items from craft fairs and family.

  3. That looks like a cozy Christmas with lots of family time. I was so happy I didn't have to work for the two weeks the kids were off school so we could just enjoy. I'm impressed you made lobsters for basically two of you! And our kids spent a lot of time playing on Christmas Day too. It was nice actually.