Monday, January 25, 2021

Apple Watch Review

I got an Apple Watch for Christmas and after wearing it for a month, I wanted to tell you what I thought about it so far. 

It's the Series 6, aluminium case, and the Pink Sand coloured sport band.  It is my first Apple Watch, and my first wrist fitness tracker of any sort. Dave had a Garmin for fitness and golf but it broke and he needed something new.  He decided on an Apple Watch and I decided I would like one too.  

The main thing I use it for is tracking my fitness and movement.  It wasn't something I was too interested in before, but I kind of like seeing what I accomplish during the day and feel encouraged to go for a walk or do a workout if my movement has been low.  Dave and I have done two weekly competitions and we are always really close (although I have been winning so far).  

The other thing I really like is that I get notifications from my phone at my wrist, so I don't always have to be checking my phone. This is particularly good during the work week if I am away from my desk helping Q with school and then see a work email come in, then I can head back to my computer to respond.  I also miss phone calls all of the time since I keep my phone on silent, but now calls will ring to my wrist and I know to answer them.  Unfortunately Teams calls, that we use for work, don't ring on my wrist while they are coming in, I only get a notification that I've missed the call. 

I also simply like knowing the time.  I used to wear a watch all the time but got out of the habit.  Now not only do I know the time, I can also know the date, and check the temperature.  

Two other small things I like are being able to take a photo from my phone by pressing a button on my watch, with 3 second timer.  We have only done it a few times, but it saves you from setting up the camera and then racing back to get in the photo.  And there is also a walkie-talkie feature that hooks in with your phone.  Dave and I have used this a few times to communicate quickly, rather than text. 

I'm sure there are other things I need to get familiar with, like an actual sleep tracker app would be interesting, but for now I'm enjoying it.  Let me know if you have any tips for me.


  1. I like my watch for notifications! And I don't have some on sound notifications, so I can not be distracted by them if I have my phone nearby, because it's not lighting up constantly!

  2. I am on the fence about getting an Apple Watch -- there are certain features I really like but I also don't LOVE wearing watches. However, I have gotten so used to my FitBit that when it finally dies, I will probably invest in an Apple Watch.

  3. I LOVE my apple watch. So much better than my fitbit. Love not having my phone with me all the time as well. I think there is a sleep tracker app for the Apple Watch as well. It's the only thing I miss about my fitbit.