Tuesday, January 19, 2021

Weekend Recap

Another weekend in official lockdown so this weekend looked a lot like the last few.  I started my weekend with a healthy breakfast and some good reading.  

Then we got in the car to do another winter hike.  This week we visited Cold Creek Conservation Area.  We did almost 6 kilometres.  We headed across the Pine Plantation Trail first, down to the South Connector and up the Cedar Grove Trail, Old Meadow Trail, and Country Forest Trail to get back to the car.  We had a few lagging kids, but ultimately they did well. 

Let's do this, get outside!

It was icy in many spots so we were glad to have our hiking sticks.

If you can believe it, this actually reminded me of the grounds surrounding the Palace of Pena in Sintra, Portugal.  Obviously the snow was not present there, but the air was warm on Saturday, and the sun coming through the trees, and the setting did remind me of our trip to Sintra.

Stopping for a snack and our hot drinks.

Each portion of the trail was so different. 

Hello down there!

After we got back, I walked up to get some food for supper.  Meanwhile Dave cut up our Christmas tree.  We were going to have a fire in our firepit and this would be some of the fuel.  Now we ended up using only a few branches, but we did burn the whole trunk.

Vegetable tray to go with our sausages (cooked on a grill on the firepit).

And we did popcorn over the fire too.

We watched Night at the Museum with E, and then we all went to bed at 10:00.  

On Sunday morning I did a yoga workout and it was wonderful.

After I went to get groceries, I joined Dave in cleaning the house.  We were very productive.  In the later afternoon I took the kids to a playground for a bit to get them outside.

We had a nice Sunday dinner (baked chicken, green beans, and leek and potato gratin) and after the kids were showered and in bed, Dave and I managed to watch News of the World with Tom Hanks.  And I stayed awake! :)

Next weekend should look similar, another hike, another playground. 



  1. Beautiful pictures on your hike. What a lovely day! It's like winter camping having your meal grilled on the fire pit. It looks like fun.

  2. Whenever I see your backyard fire pit, I am envious. We're not allowed to have outside fires in our city and it's a bummer, especially this year.