Thursday, January 7, 2021

New Year, New Food

I'm not actually going to make any sweeping changes to our diet for the new year, just trying to get back into better eating habits.  I know what to do, I just need to do it.  I do want to include more diverse foods in our diet so we can get nutrients from a variety of sources.  Some of these include:

Lentils - Making a pot of brown lentils that I can add to salad bowls throughout the week (tossed in some oil, red wine vinegar, salt, and pepper) or adding red lentils to soups.  E loves lentils, he likes how the pop open when he presses them with his fingers.

Beans - I like baked beans and although I have been unsuccessful with doing them from scratch so far, I will keep trying.  I will also add beans to soups and salads. 

Fish - Our local fish market changed hands recently and that means I'm happy to go back (not a fan of the old owners).  I picked up some salmon last week and it was so good. We have been used to the Costco salmon that I have to freeze so I'm happy to upgrade.  We are having haddock tonight :)  Everyone loves fish in this house.

Greens - Wilted sautéed greens always look so good when other people are making them so I want to make them for us too.  This is another thing that is so easy to do, I just never think of it.  I got a huge head of kale with my grocery order this week so I'll be needing to do a few things with that.  I also want to find some chard and other greens to use throughout the year.

Different grains - We eat rice, couscous, and quinoa mostly, but I know there are other options like millet, buckwheat, and wheat berries (all of which I can get at Bulk Barn).  


  1. What a great idea to include more variety! I saw Jacques Pepin making a black bean soup the other day. So simple and nutritious. I'm going to try. If good, I'll send you the link. Enjoy you new choices!

  2. Oh, I like all the food you're going to embrace this year. I need to think about ways of incorporating them into our meal plan.

  3. Love me some lentils as well. I love beans in general! I started to do dry instead of canned mostly and will never go back. Try sorghum if you want to do different grains.