Friday, January 15, 2021

Friday Favourites


Happy Friday everyone! That was a long week, eh?  

Q loves breakfast, and he has been enjoying the Nutella that Santa brought him.

This is the same day, the second outfit is because he spilled his cereal milk on the first one.

We had a few wins with virtual learning this week, this was one of them.  Q participating in a dance/fitness activity.

We finished our 3D Hogwarts puzzle this week.  It was fun to put together, E doing most of it.

I bought the frozen coconut cubes from Loblaws last week and tried them in a shake on Wednesday - cashew milk, zucchini, banana, frozen pineapple, frozen coconut, plain Greek yoghurt, chia seeds.  Delicious!

Another snapshot of school at home - but this time Q insisting he sit on my lap and type his name on my computer, and then watching Sesame Street songs on YouTube. 

Another win, I drew all of the letters of Q's name out and he cut them all out.  This wasn't exactly what the teacher told them to but he got to practice his cutting and remember the letters in his name. 

This was Thursday afternoon when he was supposed to find objects longer than a pencil.  It was my idea to use the Dark Sabres and then this turned into a bit of a battle.  We're trying!

I took this idea from Natasha - family game night. We thought we would try ordering food and doing family game night once every week or two. We ordered from Noodle Me and played Monopoly Deal, Uno, and Super Mario Bros. Monopoly. The first week was a success.

Thanks for checking in with me this week. Take care!

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  1. Celebrate the wins! Yay! I like the family game night idea. And take-out, too!

  2. This felt like a VERY long week. Rachel woke up on Wednesday, stumbled downstairs, and commented, "At least it's Saturday." I had to break it to her that it wasn't Saturday :(

    I honestly think any engaging Q is doing is great. I can't imagine how hard it must be for JK/SK kids to try and engage with online learning.

    And I have to give Rachel credit for the family game night and takeout idea but I'm so glad you all enjoyed it!

  3. looonnnng week indeed. I'm done!! It's hard for you with such a demanding job and the younger kiddos with virtual school-- my little one needs my help all time! We love takeout or pizza and game night here also!

  4. We do family game nights every week! We like Monopoly Deal. Good jog with the virtual schooling!