Friday, January 29, 2021

Friday Favourites


Happy Friday! Some highlights from our week (lowlights not photographed).

Instead of drawing what we did on the weekend, Q and I molded our family out of clay.  We all got a hiking stick and a mug for our hot chocolate/coffee.

Dave walked up the street with the boys at lunch on Tuesday and found some fun cookies for them. 

Q's class talked about space this week.  We made this solar system out of paper.  Q wanted to add all of the dwarf planets, not just Pluto, so we had to add some paper at the bottom.  We also made our own astronauts.

I took some time to help E with his work too, and we enjoyed the sunshine coming in the front windows.

We had enough snow piled up after Tuesday to build a snow fort.  The neighbour boys got involved too.

Some matching games before school.

Working on his art project.

Coffee after lunch is always a treat.

With the temperature in minus double digits (Celsius) on Thursday morning, my running group decided not to meet.  So I got a different workout in later in the day. I had to snap a photo to share with my group to stay accountable!

We continued our new tradition of family game night on Thursdays and ordered out for supper.  This time we tried My Roti Place. As usual we ordered too much food, but it was all so delicious.  We would highly recommend it and we will get it again.  For our games we played Hungry Hungry Hippos, Scrabble Jr., and Twister (which is not a great game to play when you've just eaten a big Indian meal! haha). 

Check out this graph created by artist @common_wild.  This is all too accurate. 

 We are looking forward to pizza night tonight, and going sledding this weekend.  Have a nice weekend. 

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  1. Thursday morning was SO cold. Brrrr. I'm glad you didn't have to run outside. And I love Q's clay people.

  2. The artist's graph of cuteness is quite good. Nice to recognize that the " lowlights" or down points often coincide with hunger and tiredness (or maybe exhaustion is a better word!). And besides all the ups during the day the best is that the day begins and ends with a high amount of cuteness! Going to sleep and waking up feeling loved (or cute)'s what we all need! Happy Friday!

  3. LOl at the graph... Rain or shine, we are outside... Love the puppy but man it's tough to get dressed up in the extreme cold.