Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Let's Look - Coffee

Happy Wednesday!  We are talking about one of my favourite things, coffee! 

This is the corner of the kitchen where the magic happens :)

We keep our coffee maker in the appliance hutch with our stand mixer and toaster.  The cupboard above holds all of the supplies.

We buy coffee beans and grind them everyday for our brewed coffee.  These beans are from Coffee Tree, one of our local spots.  We sometimes get beans from Costco or Starbucks too.  And coffee beans are always a welcome gift. 

Above the coffee maker are our mugs.  We still have a mix of Christmas mugs and regular mugs, and I'm fine with that. 

Coffee ready along with my breakfast (grapefruit and yoghurt with cacao nibs, coconut, and hemp hearts). 

I put cream in my coffee.  I used to use milk and only used cream when I was at a coffee shop, but I thought, life is short, use the cream. Cream to me is half and half or 10%.

We make a pot of "10" cups, as per the measurements, but it's really about 5-6 cups that Dave and I split throughout the morning.  

If I need to warm up my coffee, 45 seconds in the microwave does the trick.

If I was going to the office I would bring a travel mug of homemade coffee to drink on the subway and throughout the morning at my desk.

Occasionally we will make a second pot in the afternoon, or brew coffee using the French Press.  

If I know we have a busy morning I will grind the beans and fill up the water the night before, and then just have to press the buttons when I wake up. I know we have a timer feature, but this is just as easy.

I honestly do not understand why people use Keurigs or Nespressos (and similar brands).  If you use one, no offence, I just find the coffee tastes bad and it gets cold too fast.  If I was making only a couple of cups of coffee, I would just use a French Press instead.

At Christmastime or if we were having people for brunch (remember that?!) I like to offer Jameson's Irish Whiskey and Baileys for Irish Coffees. Speaking of Irish Coffees, I went to the Buena Vista Cafe in San Francisco, home of the first Irish coffee in the US, so delicious!  (I just wanted to talk about travelling for a second, I know this has nothing to do with my coffee set up at home.)

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  1. I'm always here for travel talk! My favourite way to drink coffee while traveling is to get a Starbucks and wander the streets of New York City. I miss that a lot.

    And thank you for affirming the simple coffeemaker as opposed to a Keurig or Nespresso. I just don't get those fancy machines, although I do love my parents coffee system which is a built in coffeemaker that makes different coffees.

  2. We've started making a pot of coffee since my Dave has been at home working. I used to use my Keurig, which I still do when he goes into his office!

  3. I love that area to hide your appliances. Im sure it makes your counters feel so much less cluttered