Monday, January 18, 2021

Lock Down Update

Every few months I have updated you with how things are going at our house as we live through this pandemic. In November I wrote about how we mask. In October I wrote about what our "new normal" was, with the kids being back at school, but with still many restrictions in place. In September and June I shared other updates. 

As you know, we live in the City of Toronto.  We typically have the highest rates of Covid-19 cases and deaths in Ontario (and I guess by extension in Canada). We therefore have been the last ones to have restrictions lifted and the first ones to have restrictions added back on. I know that our Mayor and Premier are trying to balance various interests, and I do not envy this difficult task.  We want to keep stores, restaurants, gyms, theatres, and other places of business running, we want students to be able to learn in person at school, not at home, and we want to keep everyone safe and our hospitals not overwhelmed. Unfortunately the cases have been steadily climbing since the end of the summer, so it means that something isn't working. 

So now we are in a province-wide lock-down, but aside from the kids being home from school, this isn't too different from mid-November when Toronto went into its own lockdown with retail stores and (all on premises dining at) restaurants having to close down again. One would think that the stronger language used by the government to get people to stay home would help, but I don't think it's doing much.  I think for the people already following the rules (going out for food and exercise only, wearing masks even outside when a 2 metre distance can't be maintained), and staying away from people who aren't in your household (exceptions for people who live alone of course), then we are going to keep doing those things, and the rest of the "rule-breakers" may slightly change their behaviour but will likely keep doing what they want.  

Virtual schooling is a struggle but I know we can get through it.  Working from home with the kids here will keep happening, but it will mean getting up early and working after supper.  Planning ahead for meals and grocery shopping to limit trips already happens here anyway.  The boys have played with friends at the playground but we aren't inviting people over, even to hang out outside.  

We are in it for the long haul as it will be several months before enough people are vaccinated and we can truly say the pandemic is over. Our parents may get it earlier, but Dave and I will be some of the later people to get it (we are "young", healthy, and we are not essential workers).  But we know we are very lucky to be safe in our home, with much of our family living in safer places than we are, and no one in long term care.  As the weather warms up and more people are vaccinated into the spring, then we can hope for some more activities and more opportunities to see friends and family.  

I have heard two things recently about being isolated, having to change our behaviour and evaluating what is important.  One was a story about Chris Hadfield (thanks Mark), our Canadian astronaut, who said while he was struggling in space, often alone, it forced him to work away at his values, bringing them into focus, and figuring out what was really important.  When he returned to Earth he had a better sense of who he was and how that translated to his work and relationships with family and friends.

The other is from the bible (thanks Narci), where there are many figures who spent time alone (Jesus, Elijah, and others).  In all of those instances isolation was vital in God's process in preparing their lives for something better.  They met God in new and unexpected ways.  A different way to look at this time. 


  1. I feel badly for you, Sarah, having to continue with the lockdown conditions. It is frustrating that your efforts to follow the covid restriction guidelines may be cancelled by those who aren't so concerned for others. You have a good attitude and your thoughts on personal reflection at this time are surely beneficial. Thanks for sharing them. Grace and blessings to you.

  2. You have such a positive attitude. And I hadn't seen that quote from Narci -- it's good to be reminded of that. I agree that for those of us who have been following the restrictions fairly closely, there's not much more we can be doing and that is frustrating. And I wish there was some way lock downs could target the people who are causing the problems...

  3. I was talking to my parents about the vaccine, which they have gotten their first dose of already. But it seems like until most of the population gets it, even with the vaccine you can still transmit the virus to others, so it's not like they can quickly come visit us. I just wish we knew how long all of this will take!