Thursday, September 3, 2020

Covid Update

My last update on what we're doing for Covid related measures was in June and a few things have changed since then.  Toronto entered Phase 3 in early August which meant more activities were available to us, but we really haven't changed much of what we have done since Phase 2.  

- I have gone to get a massage twice, first in July and then again in August.  I thought I should start using some of my health benefits and since you're not face to face with the therapist, and everyone wears a mask, I thought this would be fine.  It is not a relaxing massage as it's not at the spa, but it is nice to have my shoulder and back worked on.  Plus I can walk there from my house so it's very convenient.

- I finally got my hair cut and a pedicure at the end of August. My hair was getting out of control, and my at home pedicures were not the same!

- I bought a few more masks for everyone but will have to buy a few more.  I want to make sure the kids have at least five for the school week.  I will also get a box of paper masks they can have in case their cloth mask needs to be replaced throughout the day.  It's also good to have them in car as Dave forgot his mask once and had to come all the way home from the store to get it. 

- I have not done any indoor fitness classes yet, still staying with the online versions for now.  I'll go back someday soon I'm sure, but for now I can leave the limited spaces for others since I have a good set up at home. 

- We have not dined inside at a restaurant, and have only gone to a patio a handful of times.  

- E attended some day camps with other kids last month and we felt comfortable with that.  Q is going to the YMCA camp next week.  School will be back soon enough so being around different kids is inevitable, and they needed something to keep them occupied.

- We have started taking the kids into stores with us, mostly just to pick up quick things.  There are multiple reminders not to touch everything, but we're getting there.  I will also let them sit outside the store to wait for me if I'm at a small shop in Bloor West Village and will only be a few minutes. 

- We have let some kids into the house to play, and let E go to their house.  And we went to a neighbours' house for dinner and ate inside since it was raining.  These are people we have been hanging out with anyway.

- I got a desk to set up at home since going back to the office full time is still a long way off.  Once the kids are back in school, I do plan to go into the office a few days a week, biking or driving in, but I'll forego the subway for now. 

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  1. We've learned to keep a set of masks for our entire family in the car as we sometimes want to stop and wouldn't think to bring them otherwise. And doesn't it feel great to get haircuts again!?!?! And massages :)