Wednesday, September 2, 2020

Summer Recap

Well, I guess this is just about it for summer.  Although school is still awhile away, September has begun.  Here are just a few things we got up to this summer.  I'm counting summer as starting at the end of June even though it was a bit blurred with the kids not really being in school. 

We camped at Sandbanks with family and friends.

And enjoyed our first swim of the season.

We went on some bike rides, including one on Canada Day.

We golfed.

We went to the High Park Zoo.

We visited the splash pad.

We watched this hawk outside of our house.

We went on a road trip to Northwestern Ontario.

Where we caught a few fish.

And enjoyed the views.

We drank some beer.

Q played soccer on Wednesdays starting in August.

E attended two golf camps at Humber Valley.

We visited our family in Shelburne Ontario.

We went on the train at High Park.

We enjoyed some fried chicken at the Stackt Market.

Had some picnic lunches.

Used our new fire pit.

And golfed some more.

We have a couple of more things to fit in before summer is officially over, like the zoo and biking around the Toronto Islands.

Things we missed out on this year were Canada's Wonderland, Blue Jays games, swimming at the public pools, t-ball, taking the kids out to eat, and seeing more family, but we weren't hard done by, we had lots of fun, and enjoyed a slower pace.


  1. Yes, you did have a pretty fun time over the summer! Great to see this recap. Although the fallish weather has started I hope you get to enjoy the other items on your list.

  2. We had a good summer too, overall, but man, do I miss going to Blue Jays games in person...