Tuesday, September 15, 2020

Weekend Recap

 We had a pretty easy weekend and I didn't take too many photos.  On Friday I went for a run and it was so beautiful.  Snapped a photo when I turned around.

I made a lasagna for supper, not sure if it was just the fresh basil on top or what but it smelled so delicious.

We hung out with the neighbours for a bit and then made it back to our house to watch the (last) Raptors game.  It was a pretty disappointing game, but we still love our Raptors.

I was up early on Saturday to register for swimming lessons and then watched a bit of TV before the kids got up.  I did some cleaning and then picked up some groceries and when I got back Dave was working on the lawn.  We had put down some sod a few weeks ago and it was time to cut it finally.  

We had an easy afternoon and had leftovers for supper, simple. 

Sunday morning was rainy and we watched about 4 Disney movies before the sun came out and we went outside.  I vacuumed the house and then did a few errands in the afternoon.  We had some friends over for supper and ordered Thai food. Then after they left we had a small fire out back.  Now that it isn't 30 degrees the fire is a bit more enjoyable.  I hope we have more throughout the fall. 

Then Dave and I stayed up too late watching the last three episodes of Broadchurch Season 2. 

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