Monday, September 28, 2020

Weekend Recap

Pizza night was a welcome sight at the end of our long week with the kids at home all week.  

Q put some cups on his feet and hands and pretended he was a sheep.

We watched some Blue Jays!

We didn't stay up too late and pretty much went to bed when the game was over.

On Saturday Q was up super early, but Dave got up with him instead and I got to sleep in for a bit.  E was playing with his electric snap circuit kit.  I also cleaned the bathroom and did some laundry.

Then I checked for our Covid test results (for about the millionth time) and they were there this time!  Since they were negative we were then released from our self-isolation and we could go to the park!! (I should note that the reason for the tests were some symptoms that kept the kids home from school, runny nose, cough, sore throat, etc. and although they are not 100% better, the negative test results and the fact that we have all improved meant we felt we could still go out, but still keep our distance and mask up where appropriate of course, we aren't interested in spreading regular non-Covid germs either.)

We drove up to High Park for a picnic lunch (of our leftover pizza) and a hike.

I heart fall colours!

Happy to be outside and running around.

We rested a bit when we got home and then went outside to enjoy these summer-like temperatures and play some washer toss.

We had burgers and fries for supper and watched the Jays game.  Q was pretty tired so he went to bed at his normal time.  Then the rest of watched Enola Holmes on Netflix, it was really good and E enjoyed it too. 

On Sunday morning I went to pick up some groceries and Dave mowed the lawn.  Then the kids and I did some of the Sunday School activities that have been shared with us virtually.  The theme has been Creation so they built some of God's creatures out of Lego. 
(Clockwise from top left) Camel, cow, lion, donkey, rabbit, man, and sheep.

Then we drove up to a mini-putt course in Stouffville for the afternoon.  We got some lunch at McDonalds and then played our round of mini-putt, with an ice cream to follow.  It was another beautiful fall day.

Flowers I picked up on Sunday morning.

We were full from our late afternoon ice cream cones so instead of our planned supper we just had a cheese plate and vegetables.  Then we got ready for school (!) the next morning and watched a bit of TV before a decent bedtime. 


  1. So glad your tests were negative and you got to enjoy such a beautiful summery fall weekend. The Lego creatures are so good! Q's impression of a sheep is clever! Watching him in these activities I see he's really growing up! Enjoy those sweet boys!

  2. I hope you all have a great FULL week of school. Yay for negative Covid tests!!! And I'm looking forward to watching the Jays play this week!!!