Friday, September 4, 2020

Friday Favourites

 Okay parents, we are almost there, just one more week before school starts.  It's been a long 25(!) weeks at home with the kids. 

A few shots of my new at-home desk (corner office, whoop whoop!) with a bouquet of wild flowers the boys brought home from the park, and some plants I picked up at a plant sale in Sarnia last weekend. 

(That's water! I'm not drinking wine at my desk!)

Q got his soccer jersey this week, he was very proud.  Except for when he literally threw another kid to the ground in a game of shark/pirate, instead of just tagging him, he had a good week and is pretty good at dribbling the ball along. 

E had another art session with my mom via FaceTime this week.  This time E chose the painting and instructed Nana. 

I took Q for a picnic this week, he loves to be outside, and it is so pleasant down by the water.  And Guy came too!

A recap of my posts from this week in case you missed any: 
On Monday I wrote about the Black (and Indigenous) Lives Matter movement and some ways I've challenged my own views.
On Tuesday I wrote about our weekend.
On Wednesday I did recap of our summer - simple, but fun.
And on Thursday I shared about how we're dealing with Covid restrictions.

Happy first Friday of September everyone, thanks for stopping in!

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  1. Wild flowers makes a pretty bouquet! I like your new plants for you office window. 💚

  2. What a cutie. Your photos are making me happy. Happy weekend.

  3. Whoooo hooo for a new desk! And that bouquet is lovely :)