Wednesday, September 16, 2020

September Resolutions

 The new school year always seems like a bit of a reset for me, just like January 1 does.  I like to make some resolutions for September.  I made a pile of resolutions at the end of 2019, and posted them here.  Then most of them seemed to go out the window or became irrelevant.  I hesitate to make new resolutions now since we don't know what the next few months will bring.  So a few gentle resolutions/reminders for me to keep in mind:

- Continue to eat well.  At the beginning of September I started eating better.  For the most part I cut out dairy and wheat and ate more vegetables.  I started each weekday morning with a lemon water and didn't snack at night.  I definitely felt much better and even when I did indulge in richer food or alcohol, I felt like my body was able to process it better.  It does take work to eat mindfully and to make sure I have all of the ingredients I want, but I'll try to keep this going, even if it's only 80% of the time.

- Make time for reading.  This has been my biggest struggle since we've been home.  I didn't feel like I had any free time between working and looking after the kids.  Now that they are back to school, I'll try to set aside some time to read, even if it's just a few minutes, perhaps I can do it

- Knock stuff off of my to do list.  I have a few things like fix my engagement ring, renew my car registration sticker, get our flu shots, and use some of my gift cards.  I think I can do a few of these things now and want to do it before another lock-down happens (if we do have one). 

- Organize our food.  In February and March we had stocked up on some food and we have done a good job to eat up most of it.  There are a few things left that we could probably donate to the food bank that we ended up not eating.  I also want to do a bit more hoarding stocking up before too long, particularly things like flour, yeast, and toilet paper since those things were the first to go last time. 

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