Thursday, September 10, 2020

Ready for Back to School

 We are very excited about going back to school this year.  It's been a long March Break, haha.  E starts Grade 4 on Tuesday and Q starts Junior Kindergarten on Wednesday.  We are as prepared as we can be (although I should get some more cloth masks) and ready to roll with whatever comes our way. 

E didn't need a new backpack, he's had this one for a few years and it's holding up well.  We did get him a couple of fanny hip packs, as suggested by the school.  The kids can wear these to store their masks and hand sanitizer when they go outside.  The blue one is from Bentley and the red Raptors one is from Hershel (same as his backpack). 

His lunchbox is also in good shape, but did get him a new water bottle and Bento style box.

Extra masks (two cloth and one paper) and hand sanitizer.  We have a big bottle at home so we can refill the small bottles as they run out.

Q got his own Hershel backpack and hip pack (also from Bentley).  He has a Raptor one too but the waist band is a little long once we fit it to his waist so not sure if he'll use it or not.

Spiderman lunchbox and Bento box for Q.  He has eaten a peanut butter and jam sandwich almost everyday of Covid so we need different lunch options for him now.  I'm thinking a bunch of random things, particular cheese, crackers, and kielbasa will do the trick.

I have always sent E to school with a pencil case with some coloured pencils and a few other things, even though the teachers never asked us to provide supplies.  This year they will want to keep things separate so I'll send whatever they want.

We don't have any new clothes for anyone but they should be fine for a little while.  I have the shirt that E wore on his first day of JK so I'll ask if Q wants to wear that one too.

We like to walk to school on the first day and this year we have two first days of school so I guess we will walk up both days.  I don't think parents will be allowed in the schoolyard but it will still be nice to see who is around and hopefully meet their teachers, even if it's brief.  The kids are both going to the YMCA for before and after school care.  Although our schedules are more flexible now that we are both still working from home, we decided to keep our spots in the Y and also it means we can drop off anytime after 7:30 and pick up anytime before 6:00 rather than being locked into the school bell times. 

I know the kids will do fine in school with their masks and all of the rules.  I know it will be hard on the teachers to try and enforce it all but hopefully it all just settles into a rhythm before too long.


  1. Wow! Hershel makes good products if the backpack is still in good shape after a few years! I like that Bento style lunch kit. Hope Q finds some lunch foods he likes for school. The boys look to be all set. Great positive attitude you are passing on to them as they return to school.

  2. It must be so nice not to have supplies. Here in Saskatoon we have a huge list (over a page long!) of supplies for each kid! I wish we could just pay a fee and have the school provide supplies every year. Good luck next week. Our three started this week (6, 4 and 1) and I'm really hoping that we get more than a few weeks before Covid causes everything to go back online. Fingers crossed.