Thursday, September 17, 2020

First Day of School (x2)

We have a double dose for a first day of school post today.  E started on Tuesday and Q joined him on Wednesday.  We did the same things on both days so it was fair for everyone.  

Traditional photo by the chalkboard.  He's somehow gotten so big and grown up.

Then a few shots at the front of our house before getting ready to walk to school.  It was chilly on Tuesday morning. 

Then we set off.  It has always been our tradition to walk to school on the first day.  I love the excitement of kids filling the streets and laneways as we get closer to the school, and even though there were only a couple of grades starting on Tuesday, we did run into some of E's buddies on the way.

Masked up


We had our usual first day of school dinner, this mac and cheese.

Then we did it all again on Wednesday morning.  Backpacks ready to go.

Q's turn in front of the chalkboard.  He has also grown up so much in the last few months.  I remember looking at him in June and couldn't imagine him being old enough for school, but here he is, a big boy ready to go.

A few shots out front for Q's first day.

Waiting for Dad and we walked to school for a second day in a row.

Q walked right into the school yard to meet his teacher. 

They were both so happy to be at school and we are hoping for a smooth year.  We know there will be different challenges that come up, and some of the normal activities will be missing but we're just glad to be back.  Now excuse me, I'm off to wash more masks :)


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  1. Love all these pictures of the boys and the family celebrating the first days of school. Best wishes to both E and Q for a safe and happy year! Cheers to you for keeping them safe...and covered! 😷