Monday, January 4, 2021


When I look back on my resolutions for 2020 (here) it was easy to see how even the best laid plans do in fact go awry, and there is not much we can do about it.  (These will sound like excuses, and that's fine.)

- Focus on making better food choices.  I was able to do this in some aspects but not in others.  I wasn't eating out at restaurants as often and couldn't to pick up a coffee and treat at Starbucks several times a week. But with hunkering down at home meant we enjoyed lots of chips and drinks, perhaps as a coping mechanism, but also to reward ourselves for getting through another day of being at home altogether. 

- Reduce my plastic use.  This was extremely difficult since single-use packages became the norm at all stores.  We could not trade in our plastic bins at the grocery pick up, bring our own cloth bag for the bread (it was already in a bag), or use our own reusable mug at a coffee shop. 

- Go to a dermatologist.  This was not my priority for 2020 and most of them were closed for part of the year anyway.

- Make more of an effort to get outside.  Well this was an easy one!! Outside is the place to be nowadays.

- Alleviate stress in the morning.  This one was also taken care of since I didn't need to pack lunches or get out the door by 7:15. 

So when I was trying to come up with some resolutions for this year, it was hard to think of anything tangible, since it's hard to know how 2021 will unfold.  It seems likely that our lockdown (currently set to end on the 23rd) will be extended.  And further to that, even if we aren't technically locked down, we will still be subject to the many restrictions we've been living with for several more months at least.  The vaccine is being rolled out, but it will take time for enough people to receive it when we truly resume our pre-2020 activities. So it seems like making big plans for self-improvement or setting lofty goals will not work for me, and this brings to my real goal - grace. Giving others grace, giving myself grace, and giving thanks for the grace of God.  This theme of grace will inspire my "resolutions" for 2021. 

More patience, less yelling.  I feel like I yelled at my children all year and I am going to work on communicating in other ways.  I have also talked to them about doing what I say the first time I ask instead of making me yell at them, we'll see if that works!! 

More movement, less expectations.  I do want to do complete several workouts a week (and I'm so grateful that Saor Studio has so many options for us in a virtual library and live online) but if I'm not feeling a high impact workout, I shall give myself grace to do some yoga or a walk outside.  

More time with God.  Another benefit of this pandemic is that church is now online, and it means that even if can't attend the 10:30 livestream, I can still log in later.  Mediation and prayer is also a way to spend some time with Him, outside of a formal service.

More focus, less distractions.  Since my home is still my office/gym/church/etc. then I need to continue focusing on the activity I'm doing at the time, rather than always trying to multi-task.  I also want to reduce my Twitter usage.  After the US election, I only checked Twitter once a day for a week, and it was great.  I like to be informed, but I can keep up to date with the news without also being distracted by Twitter. (Instagram, we still cool *fist bump*). 

I also asked the kids if they had any goals/resolutions for the new year. Q said he'd like to cut better (we were using scissors at the time), and E wants to get stronger. 


  1. I like that..."giving myself grace". I seem to get upset with myself often. I'll try to remember that. Your resolution ideas are thoughtful. Thanks for sharing and inspiring me to think of some for myself.

  2. Your kids' resolutions are great! I'm actually taking my youngest to the dermatologist tomorrow, but I think I should be going myself too. I had chosen the word "focus" last year...I don't know how well I did with that one!

  3. We've also had the "let's listen the first (or even second) time Mommy and Daddy ask you to do something" talk in our house. It feels like the kids only listen when we yell and I hate that. We've been doing pretty well this week so that's a good thing.

    Rachel was the one who wanted to "be in touch with family" more which I loved.

  4. I love the idea of giving yourself and others grace.. I think we all could benefit from a little more of that! I love the idea of trying to cut down on single use plastics that you had for 2020 and we have been trying our best to do it whenever possible too.

  5. Grace is such a beautiful word for the year! Oh my gosh, the struggle to get my kiddos to listen the first time is real here too!