Friday, January 8, 2021

Friday Favourites

Happy Friday!  If you're an Ontario parent, that was a long week, eh!?! We had our kids home for virtual learning for the week and it was a lot for everyone.  And now have the news that virtual learning will continue for two more weeks. I know some of you have been doing this for awhile, but for many of us in Ontario, our kids had been back in school since September and it had been glorious.  Oh well, we can do hard things, right?
A few moments from our week at home:

Q was gung-ho for e-learning with the iPad and headphones.  This did not last long.

E is a pro at virtual learning now, after having two weeks of isolation in October.  His teacher is fantastic, and E is pretty independent now.  I do have to check his work to make sure it is completed and correct, but he's doing well so far.

Sitting with me while I'm on a call.

We have our Harry Potter 3D puzzle in progress on our table, so I was looking for some magic this week.

This is what Q did over the Christmas holidays. He had to draw a picture and then tell his teacher about it on their call.  (He had a bit of help from E, who drew the lobster and that's a turkey above the lobster).

Building a block tower - its the CN Tower.

Music class outside.

Q's friend's mom sent me a text with a photo to show Q, and he wanted to send back a photo of him with his Paw Patroller.

(Sure, Q is smiling in the above photos and I caught him participating in class, but it was a struggle most of the time, just so you don't think it's all perfect over here, far from it!  My resolution of "no yelling" took a bit of a break here, but I did try to extend grace when I could.)

E drew/painted these beautiful pictures for Dave and I as our Christmas gift.  They are packed away now to be brought out each year to be part of our decorations.  I am impressed with his detail. 

I got an Apple Watch for Christmas (the first time I have owned any sort of fitness tracking device) and I love it!  It has been especially convenient this week since I've been running all over hell's half acre helping Q with his virtual classroom, it helps me to not miss any emails or phone calls. I have closed all of my rings since December 29 (Movement, Exercise, and Standing Goals).  I'm sure I have a few things to figure out with it.

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  1. Ooooh -- I might join you on Monday. I'll have to think about that.

    I LOVE those pictures E made. They're so detailed.

    And yes, I was so sad yesterday when I heard the announcement. I've been working at the school (which is sooooo quiet with only three or four staff there -- principals, secretary, custodian, and sometimes librarian) but Dave started a new job and has been managing online learning for the kids. Sam is doing well but Rachel needs a bit more help. AND they're demolishing part of the house next door to us starting on Monday (where "next door" is described as "three feet away") so life is about to get REALLY interesting.

  2. I'm sorry you have to do virtual learning for a bit. My boys do it every other week and they go to school next week so I'm kind of excited!

  3. We were all virtual this week too but it sounds like they'll be back in hybrid model next week so my son will be in the building 2 1/2 days. I know he's so excited to back in the building since it's been over a month since he last went in but I am going to miss him so much! I love having him home and hearing all about what they're learning but I do think it's harder than to just be in the building with the teachers. I love that Harry Potter puzzle. I have never tried a 3-d puzzle; I find them way to intimidating.

  4. Ahhh virtual.. I was planning to keep my kiddos home next week anyways but I don't even think we will be back to real life learning at the end of Jan. Hope I am wrong. Love my apple watch--- I thrive on accountability.