Monday, February 1, 2021

February Musings


I like a good link up/blog prompt, so although this was from last week I thought I would join in a few days late.

1. How do you show love? What is your love language?
The way I think I show love is to take care of people - make them food, make sure the house things are taken care of, and spend time doing things they like to do.  
My love language is basic, bring me a cup of coffee or make me a meal, and I'm happy. 

2. Do you have any fun Valentine's traditions?
Not specific but we usually have some special food on that day - something red or heart shaped. We don't do big gifts or cards, but I may buy a few things for the kids. 

3. Favourite Valentine's memory?
The first year that Dave and I were together, we had a Valentine's dinner at my apartment.  We ate together at my desk and made dinner.   A close second is a memory from Grade 3 when I got the new New Kids on the Block tape for Valentine's Day and got to bring it to school to play at our class party.

4. Favourite Valentine's treat?
Anything from Bake Sale - cookies, macarons, cake :)

5. Do you wear Valentine's Day fashions?
I got a sweater one year that has red hearts on the elbows and I will usually wear that or some other red shirt, but that's about it. I don't have a Valentines' Day wardrobe.

6. Valentine's Day - Love, Like or Hard Pass?
Love it.  I am into cheesy holidays and any excuse to buy or make baked goods (see response from No. 4 above).

7. What do you think is the most romantic song?
It is always very difficult to choose the most (anything) song, there are just so many.  If I chose one, I know I would just think of a better one later.  Our wedding song was Book of Love by Peter Gabriel.

8. Dine out, take out or cook this Valentine's Day?
There is no dining right now, not that we usually go out anyway.  Valentine's Day is on a Sunday so we will probably cook something at home. 

9. Pink or red?
I'm partial to pink.

10. Flowers or chocolates?


  1. I like you Grade 3 NKOTB memory! That's so fun!!!

  2. I love this... I'll try to do it. YOur love language seems to be acts of service ... You can do the love languages quiz by Gary chapman if you have five minutes.