Friday, February 12, 2021

Friday Favourites


Toronto friends, we did it, we got through virtual school (for now)!!  Now onto a long weekend and then good bye children!!  (we love you, just not here 24/7!)

We have been enjoying Dave's smoothie bowls this week, inspired by Earthy Andy.   

Q and I tried sledding after school on Monday but it was quite icy so we opted for the playground for a few minutes.  It was cold but nice to be outside for some fresh air.

We skated three days this week at lunchtime.  It means we are a bit rushed getting back for lunch and school at 12:40 but worth it.

I made this chicken tray bake from my Smitten Kitchen cookbook. The combination of the paprika chicken, cauliflower, potatoes, green olives, crispy pickled red pepper, and fresh parsley was so delicious. 

Q made some caterpillars and then we both worked on the butterfly.  They were learning about the letter C and read this book in class too.

Just putting Captain America to bed. 

Not an ad for PC products but we do love their frozen fruit for our smoothies.  E made his own yesterday and he did a great job!

Pizza night and long weekend ahead :)

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  1. Whoooo to the hooo for a long weekend and for your last day of virtual learning (for now)!!!!! Just a warning: This week was as exhausting for our kids as the first week back in September is -- Dave and I had to adjust on the fly because it wasn't a regular week -- really tired kids, meltdowns, etc.

    And I often feel like my blog is an ad for "No Name" or PC Products!

    1. Thanks for the reminder re tired kids. I'm sure we will have the same thing happening here. Will plan accordingly.

  2. That chicken dish does look tasty. Great job on the caterpillars and butterfly, Q and Mom! Enjoy your long weekend! Best wishes to the boys back in the classrooms!

  3. The caterpillars and butterfly are so cute!

  4. That chicken dish looks fabulous!

  5. Those smoothie bowls look delish. The Very Hungry Caterpillar is one of our favorites. I might try to make those crafts. Hope you have a great Valentine’s Day!