Tuesday, February 16, 2021

Weekend Recap

A beautiful smoothie bowl to start our Friday off.  

It was PA day for the kids but of course Dave and I still had to work.   The kids watched some movies and in the morning E joined my mom on FaceTime to do an art project.

Finally in the late afternoon I was able to get the kids outside.  We took the remote control car out for a spin and did a bit of sledding. 

Pizza night and E did some drawing while he waited for his pizza.

Dave's self-proclaimed Pizza of the Week.

After supper, Q went to bed and Dave went up to work on the rink. E and I watched The Never-ending Story. 

I got up early to do some errands up the street (first one in most stores and didn't have to wait in line) and then we got out skating mid-morning.

In the afternoon Q and I made some brownies so we could put some pink sprinkles on them and call them a Valentine's Day treat. 

We had tacos for supper and then watched The Goonies

On Sunday morning I put out a few Valentine's Day gifts for everyone.

And it had snowed so we went out to shovel. Q helped to clean off the car.

I ordered this box from Culinary Adventure Co. as a gift for Dave and me.  It had lots of local goodies, including coffee, oat milk beverages, chocolate, spice mix for fish, tomato jam, fruit jam, and a mug.  At Christmas we ordered their Christmas Market in a box which was a big success.

Q liked his cookie from Mad Batter Bakers.

E got some new books.

Q got some picture books and E read them to him.

Then I made an apple pie. It was so delicious. 

In the afternoon we met some friends for sledding.  It was a beautiful day and the sun made it very pleasant. 

Hot chocolate break.

When we got home I put our chicken in the oven to roast, and then had a cocktail and a game of crib with my Valentine. 

Gravy simmering away after the chicken came out of the oven. 

We had our chicken dinner, and then Dave went out to start a fire in the backyard.  A few friends came over for an evening fire.

Monday was a holiday and we had no set plans.  The kids did a puzzle and I read my new book.

In the afternoon we went for a walk by the Humber River.  They are doing some construction so there are fences set up for quite a ways.  Q found a piece of ice and called it his iPad so Dave took their picture with it. 

Chocolate break.

A woodpecker if you can spot it.

It was grey and a little colder than I thought it would be, but still a nice walk.  I love seeing the river in a different season, after spending so much time here in the summer.

Frozen waterfall.

We took the road back and stopped in at the playground where there were a few people we knew there so we got to say hello and the kids played.  We were gone for awhile but a good afternoon out.  I made some pasta for supper and then we enjoyed our pie and watched a few TV shows before a fairly early night.


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