Monday, February 22, 2021

Day in the Life

 On Friday I documented my day in photos for this Day in the Life Post. It was a busy day with lots of running around.

My alarm was set for 6:15 but Q woke up around 5:00 and came in our room.  I could not fall back to sleep and I also didn't want to wait for my alarm to go off and wake him up, so I just got up early.

And went downstairs to do my workout.

I did a virtual pre-recorded 30 minute Saor class with Sylvia.  Getting up early actually worked out since I was done by 6:30 and didn't feel rushed.

Then I went upstairs and got everything ready for the kids for school.  Lunches, water, clean masks, health checks, sneakers, and all the outdoor gear.

We had leftover salmon from the night before so I ate that cold with some spelt toast for my breakfast.  

The kids came down for breakfast.  (Dave was outside shovelling.)

We got in the car to go to school and were right on time to hear the Kiss 92.5 Mix, kicked off by Mocha's "It's Fridaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!!".

Bye kids.

Then I drove downtown to my office.  I usually have to go in once a month or so to pick up documents that my boss has signed.  Mexico and other Latin American countries where we do business have more formal legal requirements like original signatures.   Views are still there.

I managed to finish up before lunch (and I am just so much more efficient when I am at my office, instead of being at home, I got a lot done). I drove home and ate the smoothie bowl that Dave had made that morning.

Then we went to Costco to get gas...

...and a few things inside.

I did some more work when I got home although my afternoon was slower than it has been lately and that was nice. 

Dave had made cinnamon buns that morning and he finished them off when we got home.

We were going skiing the next day so I got our box of ski stuff ready to go.  And we got the Thule box on the top of the car and Dave put the skis in.

I also made this lentil soup from @earthyandy's cookbook.  I wanted to bring it for my lunch skiing the next day.  It was quick to make and I had all of the ingredients in my cupboard.


Dave picked up the kids from school and when they got back, they worked on the fort in the front yard.

I went outside to see the progress and snap a few photos of course. 

And I washed the masks.  The kids go through more at school now and I am double masking to they are used up quickly.

For supper we had chicken cordon bleu, rice, and vegetables.  Then while I cleaned up, Dave and the kids made frosting for the cinnamon buns.  Our plan was to take them skiing and also give some to our friends that we were meeting up there.

After putting Q to bed, I made lunches for skiing the next day.

Then I went downstairs where E and Dave were playing Zelda and I did a grocery order to pick up on Sunday morning. 

E went to bed shortly after that and Dave and I watched Schitt's Creek, probably one too many episodes but we were still in bed at a good time. 

See I told you it was a busy day! 

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  1. My husband apparently needs original signatures on work documents every day! So someone is always at his office for that reason!

  2. How fun/weird that you got to go to your office! I like working from an office so much better than working at home because I am more efficient. Those cinnamon rolls look delicious and I'm going to see if I can find that lentil soup recipe on the internet because it looks delicious!