Friday, February 5, 2021

Friday Favourites


We got the news this week that the kids will be heading back to school in Toronto on the 16th.  So because of that, our lunchtime skates became even more precious.  I hope we can keep going next week too.  Q is getting good pushing his chair in front of him. 

We got there a little earlier on Tuesday and had the rink to ourselves for about 20 minutes.

Dave had meetings on Wednesday so I took the kids up for another beautiful day.

Q requested hot chocolate for breakfast one morning so I obliged.  

This is Q's groundhog and log that he made on Groundhog Day.  We also put together a list of special events happening in February. 

We put out a few touches of Valentine's Day over the weekend.

I started following @earthyandy on Instagram after someone recommended her.  She makes plant based food and lives in Hawaii (although originally from Saskatchewan).  I bought her cookbook and we made her recipe for Hempies - Rice Krispie squares made with peanut butter, maple syrup, and hemp hearts.  They are so addictive.  Then Dave picked up a bunch of frozen fruit this week so we can try her smoothies.

I got out for a run on Thursday morning with my friends. It was a beautiful morning and brighter than it has been. So lucky to get outside!

Game night was slightly truncated this week, someone was tired (ahem, Q) but we got in a game of Operation and this monkey game before bed time was required.

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Happy Friday!

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  1. I like those red and silver heart ornaments. With all that skating no wonder Q was tired. Isn't it great you can enjoy noon time skates, and hopefully next week, too. I'm happy for all of you, though, to hear school can start, again. Yay! I might like those hemp heart squares. Have a great Friday! And even better weekend.

  2. I was excited that they announced an opening date for Toronto schools too. Enjoy your week of skating. Our family is beyond excited for Monday, although Rachel is going to miss her daily hot chocolate!

  3. Yay for returning back to school in person!!

  4. Love your Valentine’s decor! What precious memories with your kiddos...getting back to school will be hard but hope they will transition quickly.