Friday, February 26, 2021

Friday Favourites


Happy Friday, the end of February, I can't believe it.  Spring is on its way, and these pink tulips are a sign of that. Natasha this is for you!

The Humber River is thawing out.  I took a walk at lunch the other day and took a few photos.   We'll see if the ice comes flowing down to cause any damage and flooding or if it will be gradual enough. 

Yesterday I wrote about some spring things and at the top of the list for my must-haves for spring were rubber boots.  I've already worn them.

I know many of us are feeling fatigued by the pandemic and lockdown.  I mean, personally I'm feeling alright with staying at home (with the caveat that this is because the kids are at school), but I do know some people are more anxious or depressed than I am feeling.  For those of you that feel overwhelmed, I leave you with this bible verse.  Give your problems to God, and you will feel lighter. 

We are playing hooky today (or rather we properly requested holidays and told the school the kids will be absent) and we are going skiing.  It looks like it will be a bit warmer than we had last week which can be good and bad.  Either way, we are happy to be going!

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  1. Love those tulips! Those pictures of the river are beautiful but a little scary that it can cause damage/ flooding. Such a good reminder that I think I needed to hear! Have fun skiing!

  2. Enjoy your time skiing! We are seeing the ice melt and can glimpse a bit of water here and there on the lake. I am loving it!

  3. I thought I commented on this on Friday but I guess I didn't. Your tulips shout out made me laugh and thank you so much for that because there was not a lot to laugh about here on Friday. I can't wait to wear my Hunters more regularly because it means winter boots will be put away! YAY!!!