Tuesday, February 9, 2021

Weekend Recap

Is this how you felt after a long week?  Q and I took a few minutes to rest on Friday afternoon. 

After we had our supper, homemade fish and chips, we watched Finding Ohana on Netflix.  It was really good and everyone enjoyed it.  Then Dave went up to help with the ice rink and I went to bed before 10:00 :)

On Saturday morning we headed up the hill to skate. Two other neighbour families were there and a few other people we knew.  I said it felt like the free skate in my hometown where I knew half the people on the ice.  It was cold, but skating in the sun was quite pleasant. 
Q was resting here.

We came home for lunch and I walked up the street to pick up a few groceries.  Dave cut the boys' hair.

I made a cherry pie.

And we enjoyed a homemade turmeric latte in the late afternoon. 

And I made French onion soup while Dave got a fire going in the backyard.

More sun catchers :)

Adding some Christmas tree branches for big flames.

On Sunday morning we packed up to go on a hike. We went to Rouge Park and chose the Vista trail to start out and then came back on the Orchard Trail.  It was such a beautiful day to be outside, especially with some fresh fluffy snow.

We took some different paths from the main route.

Stop for hot chocolate :)

Shoulders on the way back to the car.

Trunk lunch.

Our afternoon was quiet, we napped, played video games and watched TV.  Around 5:00 I turned on the Super Bowl coverage.  We made nachos and some chicken wings.  I'm just here for the food and Amanda Gorman and The Weeknd. 

We didn't actually watch the whole game, since it was a bit of a blow out.  After E went to bed, Dave and I watched SNL hosted by Dan Levy.  Not sure if I was a bit biased, but I thought every skit was good, he brought the goods!


  1. Your French Onion soup looked soooo good!!! And I am becoming convinced we need to find skates which fit for our kids. We never took care of that in December and skating seems to be the thing to do this Covid year.

  2. Fun! Everyone's cheeks are rosy after the hike! Q's eyes are tired looking holding his hot chocolate. Nice he could ride Dave's shoulders at the end. The food looks great. Especially those nachos. A turmeric latte? Interesting. I wish we'd turned over to SNL. Though we did go to bed before the sad game was over.